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Game Lab 2021 Spring / Summer

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25th Anniversary Nintendo 64, 20th Anniversary GameCube & Game Boy Advance are featured! Introducing various disassembly & repair and parts replacement! There is coveted information.The witch girl STG "Cotton His Reboot!" Is strongly pushed back, and Iloilo interviews the developer! Also, to commemorate the start of the development of "8BIT MUSIC POWER Namiki Gaku", Mr. Namiki gave a game music about Famicom. I had you talk deeply about!

■ N64 / GC / GBA Anniversary NINTENDO University Research
・ Ayumi of NINTENDO64 & GameCube
・ 10th Anniversary Wasteful Knowledge 3DS Trivia
・ N64 & GC & GBA Peripheral Equipment Catalog with 64DD
・ GBA back rare & minor rare
・ Introduction to Game Boy Advance Repair & Remodeling
・ RIKI's reggae weather 64
・ GC not for sale software guidebook
・ N64 & GC disassembly maintenance dojo
・ The world of Nintendo racing games
・ Nintendo minor heroine set
・ Super Nintendo Discontinued Game Picture Book
・ GBA software from Sega Hard
・ Paper Zelda Collection

■ Game knowledge that does not appear in the exam
・ Pac-Man & Sokkuri game large set
・ Arcade history exploration Lejac and Konami
・ Eva game supplement plan

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