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GAME OF THE WEEK: Join the roster in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse!

The Dragon Ball Xenoverse release is just around the corner and will be releasing on February 5th! With a whole cast of characters, reportedly up to 47 according to the Japanese game guide, and a whole slew of character customization features this looks and sounds like one of the best Dragonball games in a long time!


PlayStation®4 PlayStation®3 XboxONE™ Xbox360™ [Fighting]

JP Release: February 5, 2015
US Release: February 24, 2015
EU Release: February 27, 2015

Dragon Ball is returning to home consoles in 2015, and one of the coolest announcements yet is that YOU, the player, will be the newest fighter to join the roster!

Dragon Ball Xenoverse promises a wide variety character customization features, including physical features from the various Dragon Ball races (Earthling, Majin, and Namekian - with more to come). Customization doesn't stop at appearance, as the game's time travelling hero you will have to choose your Dragon Ball character's fighting style and abilities by training under a 'Master'.

Each Master will have different skillsets and patterns depending on who the player chooses (Goku, Vegeta, etc.) Your chosen Master will also be able to join you on the battlefield should you need assistance.

Xenoverse is filled with time travel, so who better to be your guide than Trunks? Trunks will show you around Toki Toki City, the primary hub in the game, and introduce you to places like the "Toki Storage Room" - a place where players can meet other players, train with their master, or take part in story mode and co-op quests. These quest modes will feature some massive enemies including Great Age Vegeta!

If you're familiar with the Dragon Ball universe then you know all about the world tournament. Bandai Namco Entertainment have said that the tournament will be a major feature of the upcoming title, where fighters from all around the world will be able to compete in tournaments organized by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Dragon Ball: XenoversePlayStation 4US US$ 22.9924h
Dragon Ball: XenoverseXbox OneUS US$ 32.991-5d
Dragon Ball: XenoversePlayStation 3US US$ 21.2924h
Dragon Ball: XenoverseXbox360US US$ 22.991-5d


Dragonball XenoversePlayStation 4JPN US$ 54.991w
Dragonball XenoversePlayStation 3JPN US$ 74.991w
Dragonball XenoverseXbox360JPN sold
Dragonball XenoverseXbox OneJPN US$ 29.9924h

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse (English Sub)PlayStation 4ASIA sold
Dragon Ball: Xenoverse (English Sub)PlayStation 3ASIA sold
Dragonball Xenoverse (Japanese)PlayStation 4ASIA US$ 37.9924h
Dragonball Xenoverse (Japanese)PlayStation 3ASIA US$ 58.9924h
Dragonball Xenoverse (Japanese)Xbox OneASIA sold

Dragon Ball: XenoversePlayStation 4EUR US$ 29.992-4w
Dragon Ball: XenoverseXbox OneEUR US$ 29.992-4w
Dragon Ball: XenoversePlayStation 3EUR sold
Dragon Ball: XenoverseXbox360EUR sold

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