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Garm Wars: Sci-Fi eye candy from Mamoru Oshii on HK Blu-ray and DVD!

Ghost in the Shell's very own Mamoru Oshii's first English-language apocalyptic sci-fi adventure featuring illusive visuals, Cyborgs, Tanks, Mechs, Lance Henriksen and a sacred basset hound. What could one wish for more? 


“Garm Wars” tells the story of the three warring Garm tribes and their fight for supremacy over the planet of Annwn. Those three tribes, who are the cloned remnants of a much larger civilization, are called the Briga (who control the land), the Columba (who control the air) and the Kumtak (who control IT).

Through fateful circumstances, the Kumtak priest Wydd (Lance Henriksen), a metal masked druid named Nascien, their dog, the Briga pilot Stellig (Kevin Durand) and the Columba elite fighter Khara22 (Melanie St-Pierre) start on a quest to discover the origin and meaning of their life cycle of conflict, death and (digital) rebirth. Or as one character puts it “We fight, we die, we download!” Sigh. Haven't we all been there?

Garm Wars is Ghost in the Shell's very own Mamoru Oshii's first English-language apocalyptic sci-fi adventure. As is common with his live action movies, the plot is quite convoluted and touches upon typical Oshii-topics of blurring borders between organic and artificial life, reality and the virtual space.

The plot and production design are obviously influenced by classic space operas like Dune, steampunk mechanics and high fantasy fiction. The illusive visuals are underscored by regular Oshii-composer Kenji Kawai, who has been working for him since his Patlabor-days. What came out of that mix is fantasy Sci-Fi eye candy featuring a haunting soundtrack, Lance Henriksen, Cyborgs, Tanks, Mechs and a sacred basset hound. 
Garm Wars: The Last Druid (HK)US$ 8.991-5d
Garm Wars: The Last Druid (HK)US$ 11.991-5d

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