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Go get it! - Akb48 - Flying Get, Minnna no Rhythm [Wii] Original Soundtrack, Uta no Prince-sama Idol Song Natsuki Shinomiya!

The Akihabara girls reach out of the performance halls into the world of Kung-fu in Flying Get. The upbeat, energetic melody portrays their go-getter attitude. They are the image girls of the Apartment Shop 48 commercial, they will show their clients that they will get them their apartment and win their hearts.

Like all singles released by the girl band, every version contains a whole playlist of videos. Besides the music videos of the three songs, the Type A editions contain the kung-fu duel movie clip and the dance version of Flying Get. The Type B versions contain the prologue to the duel and the video clips taken during the AKB48 contest.

Meet AKB48 at the duel grounds:

Flying Get [CD+DVD Limited Edition Type A] (~Akb48)JPN N/Asold
Flying Get [CD+DVD Limited Edition Type B] (~Akb48)JPN N/Asold
Flying Get [CD+DVD Type A] (~Akb48)JPN N/Asold
Flying Get [CD+DVD Type B] (~Akb48)JPN N/Asold

No difficult button sequences, it's not about how dexterous your thumb is, Rhythm Tengoku is about having pure, unadulterated fun.

The game came with new beats, new game modes and new songs when it debuted on the Nintendo Wii consoles. And you can get all the music you need in this ultra big original sound track.

The package contains a total of 4 CDs. Some of them are performed by Tsunku's newest band Nice Girl Project. As the man behind Morning Musume, listeners can expect some catchy tunes and upbeat melodies. Besides the normal versions, all the perfect versions are included in the bonus tracks:

Minnna no Rhythm [Wii] Original Soundtrack "Minna no Rhythm Tengoku Zenkyokushu" (~Various Artists)JPN N/Asold

Idols are entrusted with the mission to make people dream in Uta no Prince-sama, and Natsuki Shinomiya gives people marshmallow fluffy visions full of plush dolls and puppies.

However, his alternate personality Satsuki does the very opposite. Brash, violent and very loud, he wouldn't even stop his tirade during someone else's concert.

Orion de Shout Out is the song he performed after he trashed Hayato's concert. The powerful rock song comes with Top Star Revolution, come meet the demon from within.

Uta No Prince-sama - Maji Love 1000% Idol Song Natsuki Shinomiya (~Natsuki Shinomiya)JPN US$ 11.905-15d


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