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  • ALFRED: Batman's Greatest Ally
  • Gotham by Noir Light
  • Cold-Hearted: The Tale of Victor Fries
  • Character Profiles
  • Gotham: 2015 Comic-Con Panel and More!


探員Jim和Harvey在隊長Nathaniel的一聲令下,奮起對抗葛咸城的貪腐罪惡。Jim結交了神秘大亨企鵝人,希望在其串針引線下,能認識葛咸 城的黑道人物。故事逐一揭露在這千瘡百孔的城市中無數的癲狂罪犯,包括謎語人、雨果博士、急凍人、芭芭拉,Jim女友Dr. Leslie Thompkins亦備受威脅。另一邊廂,富翁Theo Galavan在城中漸以救世主姿態出現,在阿卡漢瘋人院事件中,他和妹妹Tabith隱藏多年的恩怨一觸即發。小韋布斯發現了家中的鉅大遺產...22 集精彩故事根據DC漫畫描繪,帶出一班大家耳熟能詳的奸角、英雄!

Season Two finds Detectives Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock battling Gotham City's rampant corruption under Captain Nathaniel Barnes' tough new command. To this end, Gordon seeks help from a questionable source: the Penguin, king of Gotham's underworld. But the gritty metropolis teems with ambitious criminal lunatics, including Edward Nygma, Professor Hugo Strange, Victor Fries and Barbara Kean, who's set her psychotic sights on Gordon's girl, Dr. Leslie Thompkins. As billionaire Theo Galavan emerges as the city's savior, he and his sister, Tabitha Galavan, hide a centuries-old vendetta - while they enlist inmates from Arkham Asylum. With young Bruce Wayne only beginning to discover his family's legacy, how long will mayhem reign? All 22 episodes based on DC Comics' iconic villains and legendary heroes explode with action, malice, betrayal and revenge.

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