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GT6 Free Gift + Lucky Draw FAQ: Fine-Tuned Edition

So we dropped a store wide promo last Saturday, and after the soft launch, we'd like to address a bunch of questions and more regarding this GT6 16th Anniversary Supercharged Promo - please take a quick look and find out how to get your copy as well as enter our lucky draw!


QUESTION 1: How can I get my copy?

With ANY order of a physical item from June 6th to July 7th August 8th - before making the order, there will be an option to add both the product you're interested in as well as GT6 as a free gift. Just click "add both to cart" and it will automatically process. Make sure you click this option though if you want it, because if you don't we'll take it that you've decided to opt out!

QUESTION 2: ANY physical order?!

Yes, and this free gift also applies to physical Pre-orders, Daily Deals, Weekly Specials, and other promotions as long as supply lasts. You can also use your coupon together with your order as well if you have one from a previous order.

QUESTION 3: What's the deal with the Lucky Draw?

Within the promo period, anyone who picks up GT6, whether via the free gift option or purchased at standalone @ $6.99, will be automatically entered in the Lucky Draw. Winners will be chosen on July 7th August 8th, and the prizes in order are:

  1. Thrustmaster T80 Racing Wheel (Compatible with PS3/PS4)
  2. Steering Controller for PlayStation 4 (Compatible with PS3/PS4)
  3. $50 PlayStation Network Card (for any region of your choice)

For the two racing wheels, we wanted to make sure that they were both PS4 & PS3 compatible, and for the PlayStation Network Cards, different regions may not equal exactly $50, in such case we will match it with the equivalent as close as possible based on global exchange rates on the 7th. Regardless, Good Luck to all entrants!

QUESTION 4: What's the Catch?

There isn't one! We just wanted to give people the chance to pick up a game we've played and loved, but was unfortunately overshadowed by the launch of the PS4 at the time. With the current updates, GT6 is a beast of a game.

As well, this promo is our way of gaging a store wide giveaway, since we've never done that - if more of you participate, we will be able to do this even more in the future.

The only thing to pay attention to is:

Shipping costs for your order may change, and this Promo runs until we run out of stock or when the promo date ends - whichever comes first. If stock does run out, we will let everyone know, so act fast as you can imagine that people are picking this up.

QUESTION 5: Why a game for the PS3? Why not for [Insert Console Here]?

Based on our own stats, the PS3 still enjoys a huge following, and current gen consoles, while readily available, can still be considered as quite expensive in some countries. We just wanted to reach out to the platform that has the most pull with our members, and the venerable PlayStation 3 fits the bill. But like we said, based on the performance of this promo, we are certainly looking to do the same for other platforms too!

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Stay tuned for the Winner Annoucements and Good Luck! Enjoy the Gift~

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