Gundam Breaker 2

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Version: Japan
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Gundam Breaker 2
Gundam Breaker 2
Gundam Breaker 2
Gundam Breaker 2
Gundam Breaker 2
Gundam Breaker 2
Gundam Breaker 2

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Gundam Breaker isso appealing to Gundam fans because it reallycaptures the feeling ofbuilding YOUR dreamGunpla in-game, earning and using parts from existing real life Gunpla kits!Bandai Namco have even stepped up theBuild-A-Gundam features in thissequelby adding 100 different pieces for each slot (head, arms, legs, body, etc.) which will ultimately allow up to 10,000,000,000 (yes, BILLION)kitbashingcombinations. The only thing stopping you from putting GPB-04B BEARGGUY's head on every Gundam is your own imagination. What you equip isn't solely aesthetic either and can affect your performance greatly, as well as add abilities.

Gundam Breaker gameplay and combat ismodeledafter traditional hack n' slash games andGundam Breaker 2looks like it will adopt many of the same features from the previous title,with improvements to make combat more fluid and fast.Gameplay types were divided into five different missioncategories, and should see a return inGundam Breaker 2: Normal, Defend, Survival, Team Battle, and Arena Gain. Normal mode has players fight through different stages with a respawn mechanic, while Survival is similar but ends when your HP reaches zero. Defend has players defend a certain point against an onslaught of enemies. Team and Arena allow multiple players to team up.

One of the exciting places you'll be doing battle is a brand new stage modeled after the 'Gundam Cafe' in Akihabara, Tokyo where players will fight on the tabletops of the famous Gundam eatery.

First-print run copies of the game will include a download code for 'HG Powered GM Cardigan,''HG Build Burning Gundam,' and 'HG Lightning Gundam' Mobile Suits from theGundam Build Fighters TryTVanime.


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My first Gundam game ever, and it's quite fun!
I've been aware of the Gundam IP for a long time, but never watched any of the anime, never played any of the games, until now. I decided to get this one instead of waiting for Breaker 3. The game feels like a mix of Dynasty Warriors-ish gameplay and the grinding/questing of a Monster Hunter title. So the game is very repetitive, but it's quite fun so far regardless. Melee seems to be a bigger focus that ranged, and I like that, and the level of customization in the game is fairly insane (in a good way). The game is totally playable and enjoyable without knowing any Japanese, and there are sites and videos to help if you want some assistance.
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10/10 Would totally customize again!
game is easy to get into even tho its japanese the game is more less straight forward BBR is the lvl and u need like 100 bbr to access most of the equips but with all the information sources out there if ur having issues finding parts all u need to do is search it on google and 9/10 ull find what ur looking for anyway great buy worth every penny
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And do not worry too much about the DLC, the parts are available in game (drop rates I'm not too sure about).

It is a perfect game if what you always wanted to do was to mix and match parts of your favourite Gundams or other suits and see how powerful it makes you.

The gameplay is a bit like Dynasty Warriors mixed with a bit of Gundam vs style. Also adds a bit of a collectathon gameplay with the droprates.

A definite for the fans!
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Very good Game
This game is really great, a ton of parts available, great improvements from the gameplay since the first game, such as the ability to level up the parts and to develop starting materials.

Graphically the game stay pretty on PSVita despite some bland textures. I don't have lag or long response time.

The fact that the game is in Japanese is absolutely not a problem, I recommend him to all fans of Gundam.
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Bought it for my brother, and he totally loves it
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