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Gust brings action RPG 'Yoru no Nai Kuni' to PlayStation consoles!


PlayStation®4 PlayStation®3 PlayStation®Vita

Release: August 27, 2015 [Action RPG]

"A story based on true love, both sadder than anything else, and more beautiful than the moon."

Gust (Atelier series) have recently announced their upcoming action RPG project: a title featuring Keisuke Kikuichi as the lead producer (Deception, Fatal Frame).

Despite the humans overcoming the Ruler of the Night, a great monster leader, the polluted blue blood he left behind changes the form of whoever bathes in it. The result are 'Jayou,' creatures that take the night away. As the land that never sleeps, it has become known as the "Land Without Night."

The game closely follows two girls, Arnas and Lyuritis, whose destinies directly conflict with their long friendship. Arnas is a holy knight and product of the blue blood, becoming half-human, half-monster. She fights using a demon sword formed from her own blood, while her monster form provides her with blood sucking abilities.

Lyuritis, nicknamed Lulu, is a chosen saint, who in exchange for her life, is destined to seal away the Ruler of the Night. Although she doesn't fully understand what is expected of her, she has accepted her fate as a saint. Will Arnas protect the life of her close friend, or sacrifice the saint's life to the Ruler of the Night?

Arnas can summon 'Servans,' demon familiars that assist her in battle. Servans come in two different forms: Attacker and Support. Attackers specialize in continuous attacks that depend on Arnas, while the Support specialize in HP recovery, dispelling ailments, and buffing allies. Demons grow as they fight alongside Arnas, with more powers being unlocked as they level up. Players can choose who which demons they train, and even pick a favorite.

YorunonaikuniPlayStation®4JPN US$ 49.9924h
YorunonaikuniPlayStation®3JPN US$ 34.991w
YorunonaikuniPlayStation®VitaJPN US$ 37.9924h

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