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Hanauta Hajime / Humming Soon (Vinyl)

Version: Japan
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track listing

1. びろびろ -プヨプヨに対抗して- Biro-Biro
2. ウイルスと共に With Viruses
3. はなうたはじめ Humming Soon
4. くたびれた靴の軌道 Slipshod Orbit
5. もったいない話 Waste of Inspiration
6. いつしか夏の骨となる Some Summer I will become a skeleton

1. 虫の知らせ The Hunch
2. 偉大なる指揮者1 Great Conductor 1
3. はなうたまじり Humm Together
4. ポトラッチ天国 Potlatch Paradise
5. 偉大なる指揮者2 Great Conductor 2
6. 偉大なる指揮者3 Great Conductor 3
7. はなうたむすび Ecstatic Humm
8. アンナ・パーラー Anna Pahlar

Item Description

Hikashu's 7th album "Hanauta Hajime / Humming Soon" released in 1991, which became a hot topic for its nude jacket photographed by Araki, will be made into analog for the first time! Recorded at Hansastone Studio in Berlin.Contains a total of 14 songs, including the answer song to "Puyo Puyo" from the 1st album, "Biro-Biro - Against Puyo Puyo - Biro-Biro".
Released in a gorgeous gatefold jacket that shows photographer Nobuyoshi Araki's nude jacket!


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