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Hands off! Don't Be So Quick to Get Touchy in PSVR's Happy Manager!

Happy Manager
PlayStation®VR [Love Adventure] Winter 2017
This week's Famitsu magazine reveals a new PlayStation VR game announcement: Happy Manager! In this game players will be living in a mansion called the "Happy Manor" along with three beautiful women all with completely different personalities. From our understanding, the game encourages players to create relationships with the girls before getting physical right away (unless you enjoy slaps to the face) with the copy seeming to imply that players will need to make the ladies more comfortable with their presence before successfully making a move - or face the consequences.

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You can check out the translated material below:

Welcome to Happy Manager, a Virtual World that will feel like you've not left the real world! A brand new experience coming to Playstation VR!

As you step towards the huge mansion "Happy Manor" in "Hanasaki City", a small town in Japan, you take a breath as you start your first day as the Manager of this establishment. The only residents of the quaint Happy Manor are three beautiful women who will surely be the object of our affections in this VR Love Adventure Game.

First up, in Room 302 is Sakurai Shizuka (voiced by Nakahara Mai), a 20 year old second-year university student at Izumi Sakura University. Born into a wealthy family, she is a very well-spoken and beautiful young female. She may be very polite but there are times she can act very odd. She is an only child who was primarily brought up by her grandparents. Finally, she has an immense curiosity when it comes to alcohol (albeit being a lightweight).

So head down to Room 302 to talk to Shizuka and enjoy a new version of FPS (First Person Shiawase), or maybe you can go take care of something in the pool to check out the girls in a new type of FPS (First Person Swimming)! Bring some alcohol and sit and drink with her, maybe some new events will appear if you make her fall for you, maybe you'll cuddle up on the bed and... well, we wouldn't want to spoil anything.

Next up in Room 204 is Tachibana Barbara Christine (voiced by Kugimiya Rie) who is a Senior at Hanasaki High School. A very "in the moment" kind of girl, Tachibana Barba Christine is a bit of an outcast due to her mixed ethnicity and the prejudice it brings from the other children - causing her to be distant with new people. She is currently working a part time job as a model.

Hang out with Christine in one of her favorite places in the manor: the Gym. With the power of VR, you will be able to watch her enjoy her daily exercises & stretching, a variety of situations may occur too!

Christine may start to look a bit down sometimes, I think it's best you talk to her and see what kind of situations will arise out of it!

The final girl of Happy Manor at Room 101 is the third-year student at Izumi Sakura University, the 21 year old Takeyama Himari (voiced by Kanemoto Hisako). She's the eldest of the girls staying at the Manor and often helps her younger housemates. A very curious person who often gets excited by challenging new things, which gets a little over the top when she forgets to eat and sleep! The one unknown thing about her is her part time job... I wonder what she could work as... ? Well that's your job to find out!

Interested in a trip over to Room 101? Well prepare for a girly explosion of pink. Pink curtains, pinks cabinets... pretty much pink everything... well, apart from the comics & her figure collection.

If you're going to be working at the Happy Manor, here are few things you will need to remember. First, don't get too handsy or say the wrong things as the girls may send a well deserved slap across your face! It may be virtual but there is still some reality mixed in - you'll need to turn up the charm if you want positive results. Second, if you forget to knock whilst entering the female changing rooms you may run into one of the girls in their underwear, you'll need to tread carefully with your peeping, Tom! Speaking of knocking, if you forget to knock on their doors whilst they're taking a nap the creepy vibes you're sending off won't be well recieved!

With countless possibilities there are endless tasks to keep you hard at work in the Happy Manor... and yet you spend all your time cleaning the shower room! The game is reportedly 60% complete with around 28,000 sentences recorded for the game just a few days ago!

Gamers will be able to enjoy the experience on the PS4, but to fully enjoy what the game has to offer we highly recommend Playstation VR!
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