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電影延續2010年的《歡待》,幽默卻變為了驚悚。平凡的夫妻,可愛的女兒,過著單調無趣的家居生活,住家樓下經營小型工廠。 一天,白衣神祕陌生男子前來拜訪,丈夫二話不說聘請他到工廠工 作,未經妻子同意就讓他寄宿家中。這個因謀殺罪服刑11年剛出 獄的陌生男一邊教女兒彈風琴,一邊和女主人搞曖昧,接著悲劇發生……八年後,又有一位新工人來到工廠,他跟陌生男是什麼關係?丈夫過去究竟藏有什麼秘密?複雜的人倫關係在罪與罰之間如臨深淵。平常生活卻滿佈暗湧,嘎嘎作響的拍子機都足以令人不寒 而慄。

Following a foray into science fiction with Sayonara, director Fukada Koji revisits the themes of his 2010 dark comedy Hospitalite with Harmonium. The film chronicles the turmoil and discord that befall a seemingly normal family when an old acquaintance enters their household after a stint in prison. However, Fukada drops the satiric humor of his earlier film, exposing the cracks in the family with a measured pace and unsettling dread. The winner of the Jury Prize in the Un Certain Regard section of this year's Cannes Film Festival, Harmonium reinvents the family drama as a chilling slow-burn thriller that remains gripping from beginning to end.


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