Hasbro: Family Fun Pack (Super Edition) digital

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Hasbro: Family Fun Pack (Super Edition)
Hasbro: Family Fun Pack (Super Edition)
Hasbro: Family Fun Pack (Super Edition)
Hasbro: Family Fun Pack (Super Edition)
Hasbro: Family Fun Pack (Super Edition)
Hasbro: Family Fun Pack (Super Edition)

Product Features

  • MONOPOLY PLUS - brings the classic franchise to a new level on a colorful and lively 3D city animated by funny sidekick! Enjoy customize house rules and fun online multiplayer mode.
  • TRIVIAL PURSUIT LIVE - Play with your knowledge in a fast-paced TV show experience! A modern look, a highly interactive scenario, reinvented question types, and many exciting innovations
  • RISK - Reach Global Domination! Fight on the classic map layout with stunning 3D visuals, deploy tanks, planes and infants! Enjoy a modern approach of the 2010 rules, and rediscover rules variants! Defeat your friends online, or show them who the best in your living room is!
  • RISK URBAN ASSAULT - Get even more tactical and take control of your city! In a post-apocalyptic world, rally your armies and march across some pf the famous cities around the globe. Use diplomacy, build facilities, or take advantage of your commander's special abilities. You now have new ways to establish your domination! Fight until all cities are yours.
  • BATTLESHIP - Challenge yourself with the new "clash at sea!" rules! Feel the authentic thrill of battle while you manage your fleet's special abilities and your limited resources. Be strategic, deploy your fleet cleverly to survive relentless strikes, and target your opponent's ships to wipe them out. You've never played Battleship this way before!
  • BOGGLE - Think you're fast at finding words? Prove it! Challenge yourself or up to 3 friends online in a refreshed, updated BOGGLE experience. You can play the game as you know it or with variants and house rules to shake things up! Search fast and act faster....it's an all-new way to play BOGGLE!

Item Description

Get all your favorite Hasbro games in this brand new all-in-one compilation! MONOPOLY Plus, TRIVIAL PURSUIT Live, RISK, RISK Urban Assault, Battleship, and BOGGLE. Now you can get it all in the Hasbro Family Fun Pack - Super Edition.

Countless hours of family fun are waiting for you! The games you know and love are more fun and interactive than ever on the console. Plenty of surprises to discover, including social features like leader boards and rewards to party with people all around the world in online modes.

- Boggle
- Battleship
- Trivial Pursuit Live!
- Risk: Urban Assault
- Monopoly Plus

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