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Healin' Good Precure Official Complete Book

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The TV anime "Healin'Good Precure" broadcast from February 2020 to February 2021. Cure Grace / Nodoka Hanadera Healing Precure confronts the Earth-corrupting Bjogens and boldly heals and "treats" the earth. This time, the mook "Healin'Good Precure Official Complete Book", which looks back on the activities of Healin'Good Precure for one year, will be released on April 30th!

The cover illustration is an illustration drawn by character designer Naoko Yamaoka.

What you are interested in is:
・ Gorgeous Staff & Cast Good Luck Flag Illustration & Autograph Shikishi.
・ Character guide with lots of illustrations that can only be seen here.
・ Her story guide looking back on the success of Healin'Good Precure.
・ Her cast interview that talks about the thoughts put into the character.
(Introduction Cure Grace / Nodoka Hanadera: Aoi Yuki, Cure Fontaine / Chiyu Sawaizumi: Natsu Yorita, Cure Sparkle / Hinata Hiramitsu: Hiyori Kono, Cure Earth / Asumi Fuurin: Suzuko Mimori, etc.)
・ Staff interview behind the scenes of production
(Introduction Series Director: Yoko Ikeda & Character Design: Dialogue by Naoko Yamaoka, Series Composition: Junko Komura & Producer: Dialogue by Kaoru Yasumi, etc.)
・ Illustration gallery full of beautiful illustrations
・ "Movie Pretty Cure Miracle Leap A Mysterious Day with Her Everyone" Playback
・ Introduction of the highlights of "Movie Healing Do Pretty Cure Yume no Machi de Kyun!
We will deliver a lot of things.

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