Heavensward Vinyl LP

Version: Japan
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track listing

1. Heavensward
2. Painted Foothills
3. Ink Long Dry
4. Imagination
5. Heroes

6. Equilibrium
7. Locus
8. Moebius
9. Rise
10. Revenge of the Horde
11. Dragonsong

Item Description

Final Fantasy songs finally appear on LP records!

The song of Final Fantasy XIV finally appears on the LP record.Includes gems selected by sound creator Masayoshi Soken from the original soundtrack.Mastering master Bernie Grundman will cut the LP groove in Los Angeles!

Bernie Grundman, an audio mastering engineer in the United States, has been active in the mastering division of Contemporary Records in Los Angeles since 1966, and A & M Records since 1968. Contributed as an engineer to many.
He is a celebrity who has won numerous prestigious awards including Grammy nominations.

And the LP jacket is a gorgeous version using illustrations drawn by Mr. Kuroi Mori,and we will deliver the songs that have colored the adventure in FFXIV with gorgeous illustrations and warm LP sound.

Enclosed privilege: All songs (MP3) DL passcode recorded in LP
All songs (MP3) DL passcodes recorded on the LP are included.

You can play music even if you don't have a record playback device!
* It is not an item code that can be used in the FINAL FANTASY XIV game.

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