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Hey! Say! Jump - Jump World, Arashi - Your Eyes, 2 PM -Beautiful & more!

It's been two years since Hey Say Jump released their first full album. Jump World brings the skip back. The members have been taking part in variety TV programs, starring roles in dramas and releasing best-selling singles. Their last 2 years of hard work in the music sphere are compactly packed into this album.

Besides songs from hit singles such as Super Delicate and Over, the album comes with songs that are written by the member themselves. The sub groups Hey! Say! 7 and Hey! Say! Best contribute tracks to the album too. Songs that they have performed in their concerts, but have never been put into CDs are also recorded.

The CD+DVD Limited Edition comes with the behind the scenes footage of their recording and jacket shooting processes.

Jump into their World:

Jump World (~Hey! Say! Jump)JPN US$ 25.901w
Jump World [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Hey! Say! Jump)JPN N/Asold

Just 28 days since their last release, Your Eyes is the theme song of Aiba Masaki's Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri. The song has a mellow pop beat, and the lyrics tell the story of human's strength and weakness and good and evil.

Aiba played a detective who solves mysteries with the help of his elder brother, younger sister and his Calico cat. Full of comedic moments and brain twisting puzzles, the series is based on the best-selling mystery novels of Akagawa Jirou. However, like all murders, there are always a tragic stories behind the crimes, the song captures the sorrow perfectly.

The DVD in the CD+DVD Limited Edition comes with the Music Video of Your Eyes.

Look into their eyes:

Your Eyes (~Arashi)JPN N/Asold
Your Eyes [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Arashi)JPN N/Asold

Tame the beast. 2PM exudes a wild masculinity. Their popularity shoots right up to space the moment of their debut. Beautiful is their first Japanese release in 2012. Composed by J.Y.Park and with lyrics written by Natsumi Watanabe, the song best captures their beastly charm.

The theme of the song is the rose, and the message is "They have lost the ability to love anyone but you." Consumingly romantic and very sensual, the group brings the listener right into a dramatic relationship that exists no where but within the song.

The DVD in the Limited Edition A comes with the regular and dance music videos of Beautiful. The package also comes with a trading card. The Limited Edition B comes with a Photo book and a trading card:

Beautiful (~2pm)JPN US$ 11.901w
Beautiful [CD+DVD Limited Edition Type A] (~2pm)JPN N/Asold
Beautiful [Limited Edition Type B] (~2pm)JPN US$ 17.901w

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