21. May, 2012 16:58 (HKT)

Hit the ball: Mario Tennis Open, Game of Thrones Artbook Bundle & Akai Katana Shin English version!

From the publisher: In Mario Tennis Open, Mario and his Mushroom Kingdom friends return to the court for a flurry of intense tennis action, from engaging singles and doubles matches to skill-building minigames and online play.

Using the built-in wireless features of the Nintendo 3DS system, up to four people can play together in local or online multi-player modes and exchange player information via StreetPass.

Players can choose between intuitive Touch Screen and gyro sensor controls or strategic button-based gameplay that delivers an even deeper experience. Players can also choose from a variety of playable characters or use their own personalized Mii character as they serve, volley and smash their way up the leaderboards.

Choose your opponent and pick up your racket. The Asian version comes this Thursday:

Mario Tennis OpenEUR US$ 26.9924h
Mario Tennis OpenJPN US$ 44.901-2w
Mario Tennis OpenUS US$ 29.991-5d

The Nintendo 3DS is now available in more colours, come get your personal hue:

Nintendo 3DS (Cosmo Black)EUR N/Asold
Nintendo 3DS (Midnight Purple)US N/Asold

From the publisher: In this 30‐plus hour action RPG, players will enter the gritty and medieval fantasy world of Westeros.

As one of two original characters with disparate motivations, both former soldiers of Robert’s Rebellion, players will forge alliances and wage battles as they play a pivotal role in the ongoing war for power of the Seven Kingdoms.

Their journey will span numerous quests, during which they will interact with many characters and make key decisions that impact the realm.

Game of Thrones: Visuals from the RPG art book that offers sixty-four full color pages of sketches, renders, photos, game developer commentary, and other rare materials. The hardbound 8.5" by 11" art book is printed on premium stock and is a true labor of love worthy of the series and its fans.

Live your live on the swords edge, and play the Game of Thrones. The Artbook bundle is now available to:

Game of Thrones (Artbook Bundle)US US$ 32.9924h

Game of Thrones (Artbook Bundle)US N/Asold

Set in a parallel world resembling Japan's Taisho period, the people have discovered the powerful Blood Swords. Requiring human sacrifices to unleash their immense destructive power, these swords have been used by the empire to crush neighbouring countries.

However, all the bloodshed and power gained through sacrificing close family members has made some of the swordsmen reconsider. With new fighter planes and the powered up swords at their disposal, this small band of rebels now fight back against the tyrannical empire.

Created specifically with the Xbox 360 in mind, Akai Katana is the first CAVE release to feature horizontal combat in sumptuous HD and eye-watering full 16:9 support.

Prepare for a new definition of 'bullet-hell'! The US version is available today:

Akai Katana ShinEUR N/Asold
Akai Katana ShinUS N/Asold

The Japanese NTSC-J encoded version is available as a First Print Limited Edition. The Best Priced edition is coming in June:

Akai Katana Shin [Cave the Best Version]JPN N/Asold
Akai Katana Shin [First Print Limited Edition]JPN N/Asold


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