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Hohe! Aria Company's Akari Gets a New Figure!

Aria: Akari Mizunashi
Manufacturer: Wing: | Release Date: Mar 31, 2017
Pre-order deadline: Nov 27, 2016

From the incredibly relaxing slice-of-life, sci-fi series Aria, Wing brings you a new figure of the series easy-going protagonist: Akari Mizunashi

Based on Kozue Amano's mange series Aqua, later retitled to Aria, the series takes place in the 24th century on the blue, ocean-covered planet Aqua, formally known as Mars after it was terraformed. The story follows the day-to-day life of Akari Mizunashi, as she moves from Manhome, formally known as Earth, to her new home in the city modeled after Venice: Neo-Venezia. Akari has come here to become an Undine, a gondolier tour guide. Joining the Aria Company as the apprentice of the city's most popular Undine, Alicia Florence, she experiences the many wonders and mysteries of the city, along side the many people she befriends along the way. Oh, and we can't forget the company mascot, the fat, blue-eyed cat, President Aria.

The Aqua manga series ran for two volumes, while Aria ran for twelve. The gorgeous artwork and tone really gives the feeling of calm serenity, and a bit of magical whimsy. The series received several animated adaptations, all of which captures the soothing, healing calmness of the manga, with a beautiful sound track added in. It's a series I'd highly recommend if you're looking for something relaxing to wind down too.

Now on to the figure itself. This one really captures the delicateness of the series' art as Akari holds her dress and gently dips her toe into the water as flower petals float by. All the details a faithfully recreated from the details of her uniform down to the brick wall the stand its modeled after. President Aria also comes with this figure, with him hanging on to Akari's back.

This beautiful figure would be a wonderful piece to anyone's collection. Be sure to order yours before the pre-order deadline as stock isn't guaranteed afterwards.

ARIA: Akari Mizunashi (JPN) sold

Also, if you're interested in anime itself. The Japanese BluRay sets of the three seasons and the DVD of OVA are still available.
Aria The Animation Blu-ray Box (JPN)US$ 249.99
Aria The Natural Blu-ray Box (JPN)US$ 379.99
Aria The OVA -Arietta- (JPN)US$ 49.90
Aria The Origination Blu-ray Box (JPN)US$ 269.99

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