05. Aug, 2016 15:20 (HKT)

Holy R-rating! Batman: The Killing Joke is no laughing matter!


Every Batfan has his or her favorite comic of the caped crusader which captures the essence of who exactly Batman is or what he stands for. While this choice might differ wildly from person to person, there is a lot of common ground on what is the quintessential Batman/Joker story: Alan Moore's Batman: The Killing Joke.

And while Moore has always distanced himself from movie adaptations of his works, movie adaptations have not distanced themselves from his works. Ever since From Hell and The League of extraordinary Gentlemen to V for Vendetta, Watchmen and Constantine (yeah, yeah, based mostly on Garth Ennis' run, but he created the character!), his work found its way onto the big screen, but Moore's name almost never shows up in the credits.

The story of this adaptation is basically the Joker trying to prove to Batman that circumstances can turn every “normal” person into someone like him. He goes to such extremes to make his point that this turned into the second Batman film (after the extended cut of Batman v Superman) to ever earn an R-rating. 

With Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy returning to voice the Joker and Batman respectively, this is a high profile adaptation of one of the most notorious comics in DC history! Now on HK DVD (Region 3) and US Blu-ray (Region A).
DCU: Batman: The Killing Joke (HK)US$ 11.991-5d
Batman: The Killing Joke [Blu-ray+DVD+Digital HD] (US)US$ 29.995-15d

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