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Holy Smokes, Batman! The DC Universe on Special Offers for the Rest of September!


DC fans have seen rough times through the years. First, there were the good old days of Adam West Batman, a sort of infant(ile) phase of comic characters. Superman was the first to successfully transition to the big screen with the help of Richard Donner. After a solid second part, things deteriorated with part three and got worse when infamous production company Cannon took over control of part four.

Similar can be said about Tim Burton's Batman part one and two and Joel Schuhmacher taking over after that. From fan-favorite to shlock in four movies seems to be the theme here. What followed were hits (Constantine Imho) and misses (Catwoman, Green Lantern) until the Nolan Batman trilogy raised the bar by several kilometers. So high, that even Bryan "X-Men" Singer couldn't reach it with his return of Superman.

And that's where we get to the latest iteration of both characters when Zack Snyder took over and applied the darkness of Batman on “Man of Steel” and recently “Batman v Superman”. Both were a financial success but critically scolded. Suicide Squad pulled the same trick too, but that only makes the risk higher that Justice League might become a flop.

With all these uncertainties about the future of the cinematic DCU, it is easy to oversee the silver lining: DC is really pulling it off on the small screen. Not only are The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow well received, the animated shows have kept a stable level of quality. So for all intents and purposes, here is our special DCU overview and special prices!
DCU: Batman - The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 (HK)US$ 11.991-5d
DCU: Batman - The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 (HK)US$ 11.991-5d
DCU: Batman: Assault On Arkham (HK)US$ 11.991w
DCU: Son of Batman (HK)US$ 11.991w

DC Comic: Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts (HK)US$ 11.991w
DC Universe - Superman : Unbound (HK)US$ 11.991-5d
Best of Warner Bros. 25 Cartoon Collection: DC Comics [3DVD] (HK)US$ 9.9924h
DC Supervillains: Justice League (HK)US$ 11.991w

DC Universe Justice League: War (HK)US$ 11.991w
DCU : Justice League: The FlashPoint Paradox (HK)US$ 11.991-5d
Justice League Adventrue: Trapped in Time (HK)US$ 11.991w

Batman Begins (HK)US$ 11.991-5d
Batman: The Dark Knight [2-Discs Special Edition] (HK)US$ 13.991-5d
Batman: The Dark Knight [Limited Edition] (HK)US$ 13.991-5d
The Dark Knight Rises [2-Disc Edition] (HK)US$ 13.991-5d

Batman Returns (HK)US$ 11.991-5d
Batman Forever (HK)US$ 11.991-5d
Batman & Robin (HK)US$ 11.991-5d
Man of Steel [2DVD] (HK)US$ 13.991w

Superman: The Movie (HK)US$ 13.991w
Superman III (HK)US$ 11.991w
Superman IV: The Quest For Peace (HK)US$ 11.991w
Superman Returns (HK)US$ 11.991w

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