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How To Draw A Romantic Dress

Version: Japan
Not yet published or released Expected to ship: 03-Sep-2024
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A must-see for romance fantasy fans! How to Draw Dresses, a comprehensive book now available.
We will clearly and carefully teach you the structure, types, how to draw, and how creases form in dresses, which can change dramatically depending on how you draw them. It starts with an explanation of the top and skirt, and of course covers the corset, gloves, and ribbons that are worn when wearing the dress. The book also uses illustrations to clearly explain how the dress moves and how the creases form depending on the wearer's movements and poses.
A long-awaited book for fans of romance fantasy, popular among a wide range of age groups.
There are also pages explaining the characteristics of dresses from each era, such as the Empire style, Romantic style, crinoline dresses, bustle style, and Art Nouveau style, making this a highly valuable book on the history of modern dress.