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Hunting down enemies: Kisou Ryouhei Gunhound EX, Accel World Stage 02, Love Tore: Bitter Version, The Last Story, Shin Sangoku Musou 6 Empires, Demon Gaze Famitsu Pack & more! - in Weekly Games Update!

Welcome to this week's Games Update, our weekly summary featuring new product arrivals from the last seven days. Pilot the Kisou Ryouhei Gunhound to change the fate of the world, head into Accel World Stage 02 to serve Kuroyuki-hime and when you're back, join the dance championship in Love Tore Bitter.

A classic robot action is revived on the Sony PSP. The 2D Kisou Ryouhei Gunhound was immensely popular during the 90s. The transformation scenes of the robots and the shooting action captured fans who are veterans in the mecha, firearms, and games, in general.

The game takes place in a futuristic world where everyone is scrambling for a new energy source called the Neutronpolymer. Beltonia, a tiny country that is moving toward democracy is discovered to hold large amounts of Neutronpolymer in their lands.

To prevent the wars from getting out of hand, the authorities send the 9th Kisou Ryouhei regiment, called the Gunhound to the fray. This is a very small team, but their participation in the war efforts will change the path of the whole country.

The Limited Edition comes with a soundtrack and a mini artbook:

Kisou Ryouhei Gunhound EX [Limited Edition]JPN N/Asold
Kisou Ryouhei Gunhound EX [Regular Edition]JPN US$ 32.991w

Accel World Stage two takes gamers to the second school semester. After the climatic battles from the first stage, Haruyuki is more or less accustomed to the Brain Burst system.

However, Kuroyukihime is planning to speed things up even more for them. She has announced her intention to study abroad after graduation, so they have just six more months to push her up to level 10.

During this period, big, chaotic events are happening. The Armour of Disaster is making its appearance and to make things even more complicated, rumours about the legendary gear Brave Stars are floating everywhere. Besides upgrading equipment, Haruyuki has to go and save the Ardour Maiden, join the races and be involved in the collapse of the Crypt Cosmic Circus.

The limited Edition comes with a special book and a an OVA movie:


Accel World Stage 01 + Accel World Stage 02 (Bundle Set)ASIA N/Asold
Accel World Stage 02: Kasoku no ChoutenASIA N/Asold
Accel World Stage 02: Kasoku no Chouten (Limited Edition)ASIA N/Asold
Accel World: Kasoku no Chouten [Limited Edition]JPN US$ 77.991w
Accel World: Kasoku no Chouten [Regular Edition]JPN US$ 29.991-5d

Sony PSP

Accel World -Ginyoku no Kakusei- [Regular Edition]JPN US$ 59.901w
Accel World: Kasoku no Chouten [Limited Edition]JPN US$ 102.991w
Accel World: Kasoku no Chouten [Regular Edition]JPN US$ 44.991-5d

Bitter is the last of the Love Tore trilogy, and holds the biggest challenge. The girls are getting used to the rhythm, and they have finally found their goal. Help the girls find their own style as you go into the World Dance Championship.

And new girls are joining your club this year round. Spot the talent in the surge of new blood. All the new girls have their quirks, and all of them have their secret potential. However, time is running out, as the World Championship looms on.

Bitter comes with new mini games. Train your reflex with the bamboo dance and your sense of balance with the balance beam. The Limited Edition comes with a micro fibre towel:

Love Tore: Bitter Version [Limited Edition]JPN US$ 119.901w
Love Tore: Bitter Version [Regular Edition]JPN US$ 41.991w

Conquer and unite chaotic China, more and more warriors are joining their campaigns in Shin Sangoku Musou 6 Empires. Besides the heroes you have met in the history books, you can create your own characters. Drop him into the battlefield and let him improve his reputation to learn new skills.

Equally exciting is the medieval world in The Last Story. Protect the last safe place on earth. Elza is a mercenary soldier who longs to climb to the position of the knight. Because of a strange accident during one of his missions, he achieves a mysterious power which allows him to fight against the most powerful of monsters. Use it to change his fate.

Transport yourself to a land that's infested by demons and pretty girls. Demon Gaze is part exciting and part naughty. The Famitsu Pack increase the fun by several fold. The package comes with in-game weapons, armours and a gemstone collection. Put on the T-shirt before you start your game and decorate your room the Demon Gaze way.

Here's the summary of this week's releases:


DMC: Devil May CryEuropeUS$ 26.992-4w
Fallout 3 & Oblivion Double Pack (Classics)EuropeN/Asold
Heavy Fire: Shattered SpearUSUS$ 24.991-2w
Love Tore: Bitter Version [Limited Edition]JPNUS$ 119.901w
Love Tore: Bitter Version [Regular Edition]JPNUS$ 41.991w
Need for Speed: Shift (Classics)EuropeUS$ 19.995-15d



Accel World: Kasoku no Chouten [Limited Edition]JPNUS$ 77.991w
Accel World: Kasoku no Chouten [Regular Edition]JPNUS$ 29.991-5d
DMC: Devil May CryEuropeUS$ 33.995-15d
FIFA Street (EA Best Hits)JPNUS$ 29.801w
PlayStation All-Stars Battle RoyaleJPNUS$ 24.991w


PS Vita

Demon Gaze [Famitsu DX Pack]JPNN/Asold
Genkai Totsuki Monster Monpiece [Famitsu DX Pack Limited Edition]JPNN/Asold
PlayStation All-Stars Battle RoyaleJPNUS$ 40.991w
Sengoku Hime 3: Tenka o Kirisaku Hikari to Kage [Luxury Limited Edition]JPNN/Asold
Sengoku Hime 3: Tenka o Kirisaku Hikari to Kage [Regular Edition]JPNN/Asold


Nintendo Wii U

Shin Hokuto MusouJPNUS$ 39.991w


Sony PSP

Accel World: Kasoku no Chouten [Limited Edition]JPNUS$ 102.991w
Accel World: Kasoku no Chouten [Regular Edition]JPNUS$ 44.991-5d
Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3 with Izayoiki Aizouban (Koei Tecmo the Best)JPNUS$ 37.991w
Kisou Ryouhei Gunhound EX [Limited Edition]JPNN/Asold
Kisou Ryouhei Gunhound EX [Regular Edition]JPNUS$ 32.991w
Renai 0 Kilometre Portable [Limited Edition]JPNUS$ 109.901w
Renai 0 Kilometre Portable [Regular Edition]JPNUS$ 67.901w
Tasogaredoki: Kaidan Romance [Luxury Edition]JPNUS$ 109.901w
Tasogaredoki: Kaidan Romance [Regular Edition]JPNUS$ 62.991-5d
VitaminZ Graduation [Limited Edition]JPNUS$ 119.991w
VitaminZ GraduationJPNUS$ 40.991w


PC Game

Capcom Essentials
USUS$ 66.991-2w
Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear (DVD-ROM)USN/Asold
Heavyweight Transport Simulator 3EuropeN/Asold
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dawnguard (Expansion Pack) (DVD-ROM)EuropeN/Asold
The Sims 3: 70s, 80s, & 90s Stuff Pack (DVD-ROM)EuropeUS$ 29.995-15d


A separate Video/Music update containing Japanese releases from this week, including new Anime, J-Pop and Movie releases will come on Friday. So J-Pop, Anime and Movie fans, be sure to look out for that one!

Here's a preview of hot games that are expected to come next week:


Vampire ResurrectionJPN US$ 39.99
Vampire Resurrection [e-capcom Limited Edition]JPN N/A


Vampire ResurrectionJPN US$ 89.99
Vampire Resurrection [e-capcom Limited Edition]JPN N/A

Nintendo 3DS

Dragon Quest VII: Eden no Senshi-tachiJPN US$ 59.99

Sony PSP

Heroes VSJPN US$ 15.99


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