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Hunting in the Badlands: Trigun Vash the Stampede, Nendoroid Strike Witches : Gertrud, Halo 4 Play Arts Master Chief, STWarrior, Muv-Luv Shiranui Type-2!

The bounty for Vash's head has reached 0.6 billion. This is the time to catch him. But arresting him won't be easy, since he is such a dynamic character. Fear not, the sculptor Fukubu Tatsuya has already frozen him in mid action. This figure encapsulates his cool, his agility and his confidence.

To fit with his gunman image, he has a custom made base shaped like a patch of blood. He looks extra stylish with his sunglasses, but collectors can take them off to see his expression. And as a playful touch, the sculptor includes Kuroneko-sama in the package.

Full of explosive action, this figure brings life into your display case:

Trigun the Movie Badlands Rumble 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Vash the StampedeJPN N/Asold

Nicholas D. Wolfwood is coming in May:

Trigun the Movie Badlands Rumble 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Nicholas D. WolfwoodJPN N/Asold

She is calm, she is strong and she is the super ace in the Strike Witches' team. Gertrud Barckhorn's familiar is the German Wirehaired Pointer, and like a hunting hound, her kill rates are very high. And you can see why via the Nendoroid figure. The figure makers in the studio has altered her proportions, not her strength.

Let her dual wield heavy machine guns, swap the calm face for the angry face and fly her to the air. When the battle is over, change her strike unit for a pair of feet and replace the angry face with a shyly confused look. The gap between the vulnerable girl and the fierce warrior is what draws fans to Gertrud.

Nendoroid No. 259 Strike Witches: Gertrud BarkhornJPN N/Asold

The heroes from Halo 4 are in the Play Arts studio getting their action figures made. So take the heroic battle to your home-front. True to the Play-Arts quality, all pieces of protective gears are crafted to perfection.

The armor is so carefully shaded it might fool players into thinking it really is made of some invincible metals instead of PVC plastic.

Bend your soldiers into all sorts of battle poses, each of them comes with their own weapons. Grab the one that best suit the terrain of your display case, or better, take the whole team.

Halo 4 Play Arts Kai Non Scale Pre-Painted Figure: Master ChiefJPN N/Asold
Halo 4 Play Arts Kai Non Scale Pre-Painted Figure: STwarriorJPN N/Asold

Muv Luv Alternative Eclipse take place in Alaska, in a base where developers are creating and adjusting new mecha to fight the horrifying Beta. So naturally, every giant robot over there is on the razor edge of technology. Tarisa's steed Shiranui Type-2 is one of them, take it out of your stable and into the display shelf.

This 1/44 scaled plastic kit contained less parts, but the moveability of the limbs are no less flexible than the more complicated model kits. It comes with all the weapons such as the Type 74 Close Range Combat Knife, Type 87 Canon and Type 74 Moveable Military Frame. Assemble them on to the model and do a test drive with it.

Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse 1/144 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Shiranui Type-2 Tarisa Manandal CustomJPN N/Asold

From the manufacturer: The new iPod Touch will be 6.1mm thick and weigh just 88 grams, making it the lightest iPod Touch ever created. With the new iPod Touch 5th generation, Apple is touting that the device will last 40 hours of music playback and 8 hours of video playback.

The back camera has been improved to a 5-megapixel camera that is backside illuminated. The iPod touch loop will come color-matched to your iPod Touch, but you can always purchase different colors separately. Also included with the iPod Touch will be Apple's EarPods.

iOS 6 adds new stuff to the mix with Siri, Facebook integration, Maps and Passbook. Siri will wake you up, start your apps, give you movie and restaurant picks, answer your most random questions, and remind you to do stuff. In a nice way. All you have to do is ask.

Apple iPod Touch 5th Gen 32GB (Blue) N/Asold
Apple iPod Touch 5th Gen 32GB (Pink) N/Asold
Apple iPod Touch 5th Gen 32GB (Red) N/Asold
Apple iPod Touch 5th Gen 32GB (Silver) N/Asold
Apple iPod Touch 5th Gen 32GB (Slate) N/Asold
Apple iPod Touch 5th Gen 32GB (Yellow) N/Asold


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