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SIR EATSALOT is a beautifully designed adventure platformer that mixes whimsy with both action and puzzle solving all throughout the food-themed land of Gluttington! Players take on the role of Sir Eatsalot, a stout knight in the service of King Dietan III, as he explores an interactive world that takes advantage of the PlayStation Vita's full host of hardware features.

Behind The Stone, the developers behind Sir Eatsalot, have put amazing amounts of effort into the art style of the game, with beautifully hand drawn animations, whacky character designs, and an immersive world packed with collectibles ready to be explored!

Language: English, German, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean

Limited Edition for $34.99 + Free Shipping

2,000 copies of SIR EATSALOT for the PlayStation Vita will be launching from our store on April 27, 2018. Availability of this product is not guaranteed to any individual until payment of their order has been confirmed. Signing up will provide you with priority over those who do not, but not a guarantee. Please refer to the instructions below for further information.

Basic economy shipping will be FREE for all international customers. We have modified our base selling price from $29.99 to $34.99 to ensure customers from all over the world will now experience a more affordable purchase when the total cost is examined. The result is all customers, regardless of their location in the world, paying less than they would previously. Duty and tax will still need to be paid by customers.


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