Initial D The Movie Sound Tune [CD+DVD]

Version: Japan
Audio CD
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track listing

1. Intro (AE 86)2. God's Hands On The Wheel (風火輪)3. Never Mind (大無畏)4. The Discovery (秋名山車神)5. Lost Good Things (童話破滅)6. We Roll (咆哮)7. My Limbo (隱居豆腐店)8. The Way of A Man (男道)9. Gloves 2 Ali (豆腐宅急便)10. First Date (倆少無猜)11. A Racer’s Dream (飄移世界)12. Lost In Hell (戰敗秋名山)13. Tanning In Your Sunray (沙灘戀曲)14. Driving To Heaven (向天空飛馳)15. Champion (飆出夢想)16. Initial D Teaser (頭文字D預告)17. BLOOD on FIRE / AAA(トリプル・エー)18. beautiful (theatrical edit version) / mink19. [Bonus Sound Effects~AE86 BATTLES~] R-32 vs AE8620. [Bonus Sound Effects~AE86 BATTLES~] EVOIII vs AE8621. [Bonus Sound Effects~AE86 BATTLES~] FC-3S vs AE8622. [DVD] Special Program『頭文字D THE MOVIE~新たなる下り最速の伝説~』23. [DVD] 頭文字D THE MOVIE 劇場予告編24. [DVD] 頭文字D THE MOVIE 特報

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