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此片由著名導演史提芬史匹堡監製及袓丹堤執導。狂想及創意為電影帶來1987年奧斯卡最佳視覺效果獎項。傑克(馬田索 飾)聽到的聲音 — 原本是炙手可熱的海軍飛行員塔克彭德爾頓(丹尼斯奎德 飾),因一個秘密進行的「縮水」項目出錯而意外地進到了傑克的身體。二人意外地進入了如膠似漆的關係…想像不到會遇上的「友伴」,將積克的人生推到另一個 「癲」峰!

Jack Putter feels funny today, nothing new to this 25-hour-a-day hypochondriac. What's new is that Jack hears something. "I'm possessed!" he cries. And you're about to be possessed - by laughter.
Gremlins executive producer Steven Spielberg and director Joe Dante again rev their imaginations into overdrive for this comic adventure that won a 1987 Best Visual Effects Academy Award. The voice Jack (Martin Short) hears is that of hotshot Navy pilot Tuck Pendleton (Dennis Quaid), subject of a secret miniaturization project gone awry and accidentally injected into Jack. And before frazzled Jack can say "I've got you under my skin," his unlikely partner propels him into the craziest escapade of his life.


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