03. Oct, 2012 17:47 (HKT)

Interview with Grasshopper Manufacture - The creative minds behind No More Heroes and Lolipop Chainsaw!

The Play-Select Team has met up with the creative minds behind boundary shattering games such as No More Heroes and Lollipop Chainsaw, and grasping this opportunity, the interviewer asked them about the source of their inspirations and what surprises they have up their sleeves:

Q1. Movies, comic books, music and anime seem to have a large inspiration when creating games, what were the inspirational factors behind Lollipop Chainsaw?

A1: This is inspired by so many things. As for zombie movies, the inspiration comes from "Night of the Living Dead", "ZOMBIE", "The Evil Dead", "Day of the Dead", "Re-Animator", "Return of the Living Dead", "Fido", "Shaun of the Dead", "Wild Zero", "Zombie Strippers", "Dawn of the Dead" and many more.

The basic concept was to use essence from these zombie movies combined with the style of 80s culture to make a happy game. Also, the idea of having zombie outbreak in San Romero High is strongly inspired by "Rock and Roll High School" by Ramones.

Regarding the characters, all boss enemies are based on a music genre; rock, punk, P-funk, psychedelic, viking metal. Their personalities and attacks are based on the image from the genre they are based on. They're inspired by so many artists across the world, including MAD3, Guitar Wolf, Funkadelic/Parliament, Roger/Zapp, Razors Edge, MC5, The Clash, Jefferson Airplane, Shocking BlueFlare Odds, Equilibrium, Bathory, and again so many more.

Q2: Will we see another No More Heroes Game and will Travis return?

A2: Currently, it is exclusive to Japan, but "No More Heroes World Ranker", the first social game on mobiles of the series, has just been released on Android. iPhone release is starting soon as well. The protagonist is actually the players themselves, so Travis is not the PC, but we may actually bring him back in some way in the future. The publisher for this game is Marvelous AQL so we cannot comment on the overseas plan.

Q3. What's your favorite punk rock record?

A3: Of course, "The Damned"!!

Q4: Your next game is said to be called Killer is Dead, can you please tell us more about this?

A4: We cannot say anything about Killer is Dead at the moment. Please wait for the publisher for more information.

Q5. What are your future plans for Grasshopper?

A5: Please stay tuned for more info on our social games on mobile and No More Heroes World Ranker (iPhone Ver.), Killer is Dead and others.


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