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Into the Mysterious Dungeons: Pokemon Magnagate, Persona 2 Lisa Silverman, GEM Series Narukami Yuu, Petit Chara Land Fate Zero & more!

You simply need to tame them all. Bring Pikachu and your favourite pokemon in to the mysterious dungeons. One of the most remarkable features in this RPG is that all dungeons are randomly generated. The layout of the floors, the locations of the treasure chests and the resident monsters change upon your every entry.

Your goal is to reach the deepest floor in the dungeon. However, traps and foes are standing in your way. Use the skills you have learned in the Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 to defeat the stray pokemon inside to recruit them into your stable.

So wake up in this new world, discover that you have turned into a Pokemon. Pair up with another friendly pokemon and off you go on an adventure.

Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon ~Magnagate to Mugendai no Meikyuu~JPN US$ 29.991w

The Seven Sisters Academy is rumoured to be full of pretty people. Lisa Silverman is coming to prove it true. She has the bright blond hair and the aqua marine eyes and the demeanour of a traditional Japanese girl. The figure maker NoRi at Freeing shows her courage and her demureness through her pose.

The way her chin angles downward portrays a sort of shyness, but the way she stands show that she won't hesitate before jumping into action. The texture of her uniform and her footwear are distinguished by the clever application of gloss. The lines on her hair gives it an image of richness and softness.

Lisa Silverman will discover Sin and Punishment today:

Persona 2: Innocent Sin 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Lisa SilvermanJPN N/Asold

Narukami Yuu puts on his glasses and faces off with the Shadows in the TV world. Narukami is awfully busy in 2012 where he stars in two new games But still, he's paying a visit to the GEM Studios. The character designer Shigenori Soejima is fully behind the figure designing team.

From the facial features to Narukami's body shape, everything is sculpted loyally according to the character sketches. And little details, such as the line of stitches that runs along the jacket is painted on in exactly the same shades. So no matter how closely you look at him, he is flawlessly cool, befitting the men that goes to the GEM series.

Discover the world of Persona 4 with Narukami Yuu:

GEM Series Persona 4 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Narukami YuJPN N/Asold

The Holy Grail Wars is an epic adventure. Everybody has their own story to tell about it. This time, it's Megahouse's turn. Saber and the servants enter Petit Chara Land and told their story to their figure makers, and the figure makers have come up with their version. Everyone is chibi-fied, with rounded cheeks and short bodies.

True to the signature style of the Petit Chara Land Brand, everyone has swirly eyes. The cool people look funny, the proud becomes mischievously comical and the stoic ones become utterly cute. Everyone is armed to the neck and the visual effects of their magic are represented by clear parts.

The Epic becomes Chibi in Petit Chara Land:

Petit Chara Land Fate/Zero Chapter of The War for Holy GrailJPN N/Asold

Also available today:


PlayStation3 New Slim Console (250GB Classic White Model) - 220VASIA N/Asold
PlayStation3 New Slim Console (500GB Classic White Model) - 220VASIA N/Asold


Comic Calendar 2013: Hitman Reborn!JPN US$ 35.901w
Comic Calendar 2013: One PieceJPN US$ 39.901w

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