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It's all about sports - join the American football/rugby games with your friends via Madden NFL 09, Tokyo Dome is not a mere sports ground, its a place where artists realize their dreams - News Concert Tour Pacific 2007 - 2008 & more

From the publisher: Celebrating 20 Years of Innovation and counting, Madden NFL 09 delivers its most complete NFL football package ever.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or picking up the game for the first time, players of all skill levels will enjoy a unique, yet challenging experience with the innovative Adaptive Difficulty Engine, which tailors the game to match your playing style.

Instantly improve your game with the all-new virtual Training Center or incorporate feedback with EA SPORTS BackTrack, allowing you to learn from your mistakes on the fly.

With a new broadcast presentation and online leagues, plus more than 85 new features and enhancements, Madden NFL 09 is the most authentic and adaptable game in sports video game history.

Game Features

  • An all-new Adaptive Difficulty Engine assesses your proficiency in the core skills areas of football, then tailors the experience to match your playing style.
  • Set your sights on the Vince Lombardi Trophy in an all-new network television-style broadcast as Cris Collinsworth and Tom Hammond call the action from the booth
  • Make a run for the postseason for the first time online
  • With an enhanced graphics engine and new player models, linemen battle in the trenches with more bulky physiques while backs and receivers fly around the field with a more sleek and slimmer look
  • Built from the ground up, an all-new Total Control Animation System allows for instantaneous combo moves while bringing new aspects to the game, including missed field goal returns and bobble catches

The innovative sports game is available on several platforms in various versions:

Madden NFL 09US US$ 17.99 1-2w
Madden NFL 09ASIA N/A sold
Madden NFL 09 [20th Anniversary Collectors Edition]US N/A sold
Madden NFL 09JPN US$ 16.99 1-5d

Madden NFL 09US US$ 22.99 5-15d
Madden NFL 09ASIA N/A sold
Madden NFL 09 (20th Anniversary Collectors Edition)US US$ 36.90 1-2w
Madden NFL 09JPN US$ 35.99 1w

Please note that while the US and Asian versions of the game have either arrived or will be available soon, the Japanese edition is expected to come in September.

Nintendo Wii™
Madden NFL 09 All-PlayUS N/A sold

Madden NFL 09US US$ 17.99 1-2w

Nintendo DS™
Madden NFL 09US N/A sold

Sony PSP™
Madden NFL 09US US$ 20.99 1-2w

Madden NFL 09US N/A sold

Aside from the more common US, Asian, Japanese versions, the hit sports game is also available as Spanish editions for the Xbox360™ and PlayStation3™ for the same price of US$ 64.90. The Spanish editions are expected to arrive in September and is currently available as a preorder.

To those new to American Football/Rugby, get some advice and tutorials from the official guide book, available for US$ 19.90 only.

The previous installments of the highly acclaimed sports game are still available at Play-Asia.com, please find them here at the complete list of Madden NFL games.

Being able to sing and dance Live on stage is a pre-requisite for boys who want to join Johnny's Entertainment group as an artist. The candidates are usually quite young, some of them are at their early teens or even pre-teens when they entered the company.

After a careful selection process, the boys will be trained in all sorts of performing arts and NEWS is a boy band filled with well rounded artists trained in the Johnny's style.

This DVD records the News Concert Tour Pacific 2007 - 2008, the first event they threw in Tokyo Dome. Being able to perform in Tokyo Dome itself is a sign of the group's popularity and with all the added features such as documentaries of their first Taipei tour in 2007, and not to mention the spectacular songs and dance numbers, this is a recording that no fan of group can afford to miss.

To those who were unable to attend the concert yourself, you can get a recording of it via Play-Asia.com, to those who have seen the concert, you remember how great it was! So what are you waiting for?

The limited edition of the DVD is already out of stocks, but the standard edition is still available for US$ 56.90 only.

Also in stocks today:

Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka: ParareruJPN US$ 74.90 1w
Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka: Parareru [Limited Edition]JPN N/A sold

Sony PSP™
Crazy Taxi: Double PunchJPN US$ 64.99 1-5d

New toy arrivals:

Batman ArtFx 1/6 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Statue: Batman (The Dark Knight Suit Version)JPN N/A sold
Monster Hunter Towel MufflerJPN N/A sold
Project BM Masked Rider The Next Version Action FigureJPN N/A sold
Real Action Heroes Dragon Ball Z 1/6 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Action Figure: Son GokouJPN N/A sold
Revoltech Series No. 058 - Gurren Lagann Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Action Figure: Gurren Lagann FulldrillizedJPN N/A sold
Revoltech Series No. 059 - Full Metal Panic Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Action Figure: ARX-8 Laevatein (Re-run)JPN N/A sold
S.I.C. Hero Saga Kamen Rider Non Scale Pre-Panited Figure: Hibiki Edition (Seven Ogres Version)JPN N/A sold

An excerpt of Japanese movie and music update:

Angel Feather Voice (~Hitomi Kuroishi)JPN US$ 34.99 5-15d
Broken Youth (~Nico Touches The Walls)JPN US$ 8.99 24h
Kono Toki Kitto Yume Ja Nai (~Smap)JPN US$ 10.90 5-15d
Replay / Dolly [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Plastic Tree)JPN US$ 14.90 5-15d
Vocalist & Songs - Tsusan 1000 Kai Memorial Live (~Hideaki Tokunaga)JPN US$ 55.90 5-15d
World End (~Flow)JPN US$ 11.90 5-15d


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