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Ivory and Ebony around your neck: Devil May Cry e-capcom Limited Edition, Figma: Kuroyukihime, Fate/Zero DXF Servant: Saber, Lancer, Super Robot Wars: Neo Granzon & more!

DMC is a new start for the Devil May Cry series in a lot of ways, the truth of this controversial title is finally revealed. If you have yet to discover the secret actions, beware, since there are even more to be found in this Limited Edition. Unseal the box to find it filled to the brim with items that set Dante apart from the other action heroes.

The book contains over 24 pages of art and will show you all the efforts that went into the designing of the new Ivory and Ebony. In fact, you can wear the Ivory and Ebony around your neck. The art book itself comes with the accessory pack.

The Limited Editions are coming this January:


Devil May Cry [e-capcom Limited Edition]JPN N/Asold


Devil May Cry [e-capcom Limited Edition]JPN N/Asold

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The black butterfly flutters into the Max Factory studios. Delicately beautiful, but at the same time regal and mysterious, Kuroyukihime is the queen of the school. She looks elegant with her usual calm expression, quiet and serene when she closes her eyes and surprisingly adorable when she blushes.

The black parasol is as sharp as a sword in her hands. When the sun gets too bright, place the opened version into her grasp. And you must not forget her most loyal retainer. The pig Haruyuki follows her everywhere she goes.

Become the knight of the Black Snow Princess today:

figma Accel World : Kuroyukihime School Avatar ver.JPN N/Asold

The holy grail that will grant your darkest wish has appeared. Bond with a servant to fight in those wars. Saber is the strongest of the seven, she is the embodiment of chivalrous spirits and light. Standing tall, with the wind tossing her tresses, she is every bit the last warrior who stands between heaven and earth.

Lancer is one of the servants with the most attack power. But most anime viewers will remember his tragic story, and perhaps his beauty spot as well. He has enough charm to sweep a woman off her feet with one glance. Summon him to your display shelf and see if his magic is as potent as the people say.

Who is your servant?

Fate/Zero DXF Servant Figure: LancerJPN N/Asold
Fate/Zero DXF Servant Figure: SaberJPN N/Asold

The Neo Granzon has wiped a great many robots from existence in the Super Robot Taisen series, he is the super challenging last boss that caused gamers to pull out their hair. But there is a way to learn the weakness of this opponent - build him yourself.

Every part in the model kit portrays his majestic presence. Standing at approximately 22 cm, he is wrapped in heavy armour and is armed to the teeth with weapons. His canon contains the combo attack gimmick, and collectors can push it out of his chest when they want to fire it. The face part is built partially. The developers used clear PVC for his features so that he resembles his game counterpart down to the sparkle in his eyes.

Neo Granzon flies into our warehouse today:

Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Neo Granzon (Re-run)JPN N/Asold

Also available today:

One Piece Film Z plush dolls

One Piece Plush Film Z Maascot Vol.2: BrookJPN N/Asold
One Piece Plush Film Z Maascot Vol.2: Nico RobninJPN N/Asold
One Piece Plush Film Z Maascot Vol.2: Roronoa ZoroJPN N/Asold
One Piece Plush Film Z Maascot Vol.2: Tonytony. ChopperJPN N/Asold
One Piece Plush Film Z Maascot Vol.2: YasoppJPN N/Asold


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