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Jun Takeuchi Considers The 1981 Movie Evil Dead by Sam Raimi to Be The Base For Resident Evil 7

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In the latest issue of Famitsu magazine the staff had the opportunity to interview Jun Takeuchi to talk about Resident Evil 7. In the interview they talk about fan feedback, less focus on action, Sam Raimi's Evil Dead and more.

Check out the translated material below: 

Firstly we have an interview with one of the V.I.P's behind the creation of Resident Evil 7; Mr. Takeuchi Jun!

I see that you wanted the game to be easily accessible to new players yet it will still inject fear into both new and advanced Resident Evil players. How difficult was it to develop with the mentioned game components?

Takeuchi: We have heard a lot of feedback from RE fans saying that they want us to create a “proper Survival Horror without a focus on action”. Adding onto what I previously said, I am a hard-core fan of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead and I wanted to think of the movie as a base for RE7.

Did you originally think as numbering this new title Resident Evil 7?

Takeuchi: We wanted to number the game from the start, but when we had to explain our plans to management we were pretty scared haha. A lot of current games rely on Co-Op/Multiplayer yet we all know that true horror games do not need these game components. We want people to feel alone and being alone creates uneasiness!

The game is purely based on horror, but how did you manage to develop a game with a pure horror atmosphere while still adding an action element to the game to further push it?

Takeuchi: We didn’t think about the balancing between the two whatsoever. We wanted to create a sensation of fear and so when the player can hear characters coming at them we wanted them to react as they were to someone coming at them in real life. That is what instils true fear and that’s what we wanted to recreate.

Due to this new step in the “RE” franchise, I assume you will be able to take a brand new step when it comes to the next game.

Takeuchi: All staff members want to be on the same level as all fans, “Resident Evil = Biohazard” & “Biohazard = Resident Evil” we want fans of the game from all corners of the world to feel the feeling when they sit down and play our games.

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