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Jydgment is comyng!

PlayStation®4, Xbox™One, PC | Genre: top-down cyber shooter

With its mixture of big plazas, skyscrapers, and urban sprawl the never-sleeping megacity of Edenbyrg is one of the most decaying places of this century, wherever you go, you find filthy hovels of the poor and desperate. Its downtown streets are dirty, crime goes unpunished, and the once beautiful skyline is left to disintegrate.
Police are powerless to prevent crime and low morale among officers can only make the situation worse than ever. But lately, a new policeman has appeared in the streets: the cyber-cop

Designed and produced jointly by the local government and the
Edenbyrg University of Science and Technology (EUST), dressed in Police livery, it can move freely and interact with the people and is controlled by an advanced internal CPU. Equipped with the latest digital and electronic audio-visual system, and a vast array of order-keeping tools such as guns, rifles, rockets, lasers, electricity, and many other fully customizable law utensils.

Combining hundreds of cyber improvements, weapons, and mods
Jydge is the ultimate patrolman that can brutally obliterate the bad guys and visits schools to teach youngsters “Personal Safety” and “Civic Responsibility”. Another useful capability of it is the “Companion Drone” that will help Jydge to patrol the streets more efficiently. Implementing your favorite augmentations, you can choose the way to prevent crime: do you like action? So, blast all the foes in a triumph of sparkling explosions, otherwise, if you love discretion you can simply sneak up behind the perps and act silently…

Equipped with a lot of missions and secondary challenges, such as dealing with a gang of bank robbers, rescue hostages, clear missions without being seen, you’ll get medals, and unlock useful cybernetic enhancements, new weapon modifications, special weapons, missions, and much more.

Thanks to its peculiar non-stop action, Jydge is one of the most explosive top-down twin-stick shooters you’ll ever play. Play as the last hope to clean up the streets of Edenbyrg from the scum, and become the new people’s hero! If you like characters like RoboCop and Judge Dredd, you’ll soon become also a fan of Jydge!

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