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King of Everything - The King of Fighters XII, Doki Majo Plus, Puyo Puyo 7, Kyoufu Taikan: Juon, Dragon Quest Pouch, Miku Mugs, Lucky Star Konata+Kanata figure, Chrono Trigger OST, Koichi Dohmoto Ayakashi & more!

From the publisher: The legendary 3-on-3 fighting game series that united rival brawlers from SNK Playmore’s classic arcade franchises celebrates its 15th Anniversary in style with the release of The King of Fighters XII.

For the first time in its history, this epic martial arts showdown has undergone a complete graphical overhaul.

The antiquated character sprites used over the past 14 years have been dropped in favor of all-new, high-resolution fighters fluidly animating across painstakingly detailed, 100% hand-drawn backgrounds.

Powerful blasts, highspeed action and characters hotter than ever, what are you waiting for? Put your name on the battle roster already and take on the strongest fighter among your friends.

Available on Xbox360™ and PlayStation3™, get your copy for your favoright console today:

The King of Fighters XIIASIA N/A sold
The King of Fighters XIIKOR N/A sold
The King of Fighters XIIJPN US$ 24.99 1-5d
The King of Fighters XIIUS US$ 36.99 1-2w

The King of Fighters XIIKOR N/A sold
The King of Fighters XIIASIA N/A sold
The King of Fighters XIIJPN US$ 31.99 1w
The King of Fighters XIIUS N/A sold

Enjoy some real arcade action by participating in the fight through a joystick.

Joytron The King of Fighters XII 3in1 USB Pro Stick (Black)KOR N/A sold
Joytron The King of Fighters XII 3in1 USB Pro Stick (White)KOR N/A sold
The King of Fighters XII USB StickJPN N/A sold

Read up on character profiles and special skills, the Guide Books have all the information you need:

The King of Fighters XII Official GuideJPN US$ 29.90 5-15d
The King of Fighters XII Official Strategy GuideUS N/A sold

All items that are currently on preorder are arrving within the week, so don't worry, you'll get them soon.

The witch hunt begins anew. Your stylus is the torch, take it and search the girls' bodies for the mark of the witch. With more voice clips, scenarios and original characters, this adventure is going to be even hotter.

In the Sweet Communication mode, you can really raise your intimacy with the girls, chat with them, take them on dates and initiate all sorts of events.

Besides new girls, you have new tricks. With Over Magic at your disposal, you can launch MP attacks without spending anything in your MP gauge. So partner up with new people and take on the witches. Be sure to clear the game to unlock the hidden chapter and see all the girls in bikinis.

There is a new incentive in Holy Judgement-ing the witches. You are awarded with a "paradise time" during the judgement and the witches are not even allowed to get mad at you no matter what you do to them.

The witches are back, take them home for:

Doki Majo PlusJPN N/A sold

Don't forget that Dokidoki Majo Shinpan! 2 DUO is still available:

Dokidoki Majo Shinpan! 2 DUOJPN US$ 24.99 1w
Dokidoki Majo Shinpan! 2 DUO [First Print Limited Edition Box]JPN US$ 95.00 1w

Puyos are crystaline jellybeans that block up your screen. Line them up by color and blast them away. Popular among people of all ages, the Puyo Puyo series is out with its seventh installment.

The new game comes with a "henshin" gauge where you can transform into an adult or into a child, use this to your advantage as you blow the colorful blobs away.

Besides Henshin, there is also the Fever Gauge which allows you to turn the tables around even with all those puyos stacked up against you. Strategically setting up the blocks and successfulling timing the Fever Attack is the key of victory this time.

Puyo Puyo is turning your portable consoles into battlegrounds:

Nintendo DS™
Puyo Puyo 7JPN N/A sold

Sony PSP™
Puyo Puyo 7ASIA N/A sold

The Sony PSP™ version is coming in November.

Build your own ghost house in your living room. Summer is a time for chills, and nothing is more chilling than the J horror favourite - Juon.

The movie inspired several Hollywood remakes and is now turned into a game for a more interactive experience.

Take your flashlight in one hand and keep your wits about you as you venture into the haunted mansion, ghosts will come out from any angle to scare you, or much worse.

Escape from the curse and the mansion. The curse is born from strong emotions a person feels when he or she dies. Don't let the ghouls get to you if you want to escape from a certain, gruesome death.

The ultimate horror experience is available on Nintendo Wii:

Kyoufu Taikan: JuonJPN N/A sold

Protect your console from scratches and blemishes in a cute and stylish way. The Slime pouch, complete with a long shoulder strap is a wonderful fashion accessory.

Softly padded, it takes away the force from violent bumps that may damage your console. Besides being a good NDS pouch, it works quite well even as a normal shoulder bag for children. Spotting a huge grin, the slime bag suits all kinds of summer clothes your child or younger siblings have.

The pouch is available for:

Dragon Quest IX Slime Die Cut PouchJPN US$ 39.99 1w

Nothing is better than having a cup of coffee during an overnight shift. As a compliment to your hard work and to commemorate her debut on the PSP, Miku and her fellow vocaloids are cheering for you on porcelain mugs.

Choose between black and white, one of them is sure to go well with the furnishings of your office or home, in fact, simply get one of each for each realm.

The white and green version spots Miku posing with her leek carrying, super deformed self while the black version has her with her fellow vocaloids such as Kagamine Rin and Len.

Differentiate your mugs from your colleagues and show a bit of personality in an otherwise impersonal setting. The mugs are available for:

Character Vocal Series 01 Hatsune Miku: Miku Project DIVA (Black Mug Version) (Re-run)JPN N/A sold
Character Vocal Series 01 Hatsune Miku: Miku Project DIVA (White Mug Version) (Re-run)JPN N/A sold

Konata is meeting her mother Kanata in the Dream Tech series. As you can see from this pair, the two are almost identical, especially when Konata is not showing one of her wackier expressions. Holding the plush toy of the protagonist of her favourite anime, Konata is showing you her softer side, the side more like her mother.

Kanata is Konata without the curl that stood on top of her head and the mole under her eye. Although she has died before the show even started, her spirit has always been lingering around her husband and daughter.

Both crafted by Chitsuru, the sculptor who made the Hiiragi sisters, the Dream Tech Lucky Star girl series carried on with the daughter and mother pair.

Dream Tech Lucky Star Non Scale Pre-Painted Figure: Izumi Kanata (Wave Version)JPN N/A sold
Dream Tech Lucky Star Non Scale Pre-Painted Figure: Izumi Konata (Wave Version)JPN N/A sold
Dream Tech Lucky Star Non Scale Pre-Painted Figure: Izumi Konata & Kanata Treasures SetJPN N/A sold

Renewed for the DS release, Square Enix updated the fantasy RPG favourited classic Chrono Trigger with several new functions, among these updates, the most obvious ones are the new visuals and the music. In this triple CD plus DVD pack, you get to experience both of these updates at the same time.

See how much better the familiar tracks sounded in this new remastered version. The package is available for:

Chrono Trigger Original Soundtrack (DS Version) [3CD+DVD]JPN N/A sold

Koichi Dohmoto, one of Johnny's many talented artist is preparing for his new solo concert. As part of the promotional campaign, the Koichi is releasing one the new songs he will perform in the concert to tease you a little.

Having graduated from the Johnny's school, Koichi Domoto proves that he is a good composer by filling the song with dark glamour. Praised as one of the four kings of dancing, Ayakashi is a sexy dance beat that gives Koichi ample room to show off his moves.

Ayakashi is available in three versions, each with a different cover. Be sure to grab the CD+DVD version while it's still in stock to see more of your idol:

Ayakashi (~Koichi Domoto)JPN US$ 12.99 5-15d
Ayakashi [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Koichi Domoto)JPN US$ 1.99 24h
Ayakashi [First Press] (~Koichi Domoto)JPN N/A sold

Also available today:

Nintendo DS™
Hello Kitty no PacPac & LogicJPN US$ 40.90 1-2w
Hisshou Pachinko*Pachi-Slot Kouryaku Series DS: Shinseiki Evangelion - Saigo no MonoJPN US$ 58.90 1w
Kutsushita Nyanko: Shiroi Kutshushita wo Haita Neko to Kurashi HahimemashitaJPN US$ 48.90 1-2w
Protect Sheet DSi (Black)JPN N/A sold
Protect Sheet DSi (White)JPN N/A sold
Saikin Koishiteru?JPN US$ 54.90 1w
Saikin Koishiteru? [Limited Edition]JPN N/A sold


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