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Kingdom Hearts and Disney - KH Avatar Mascot Strap, Pixar Formation Arts, Revoltech Jack Skellington+ Asuka Langley, Rainbow Doraemon Straps & more!

Little details make our lives so much more enjoyable. Today, we'll bring you these little things. Super deformed, but surprisingly expressive, the Kingdom Hearts Avatar mascot captures the essence of the characters. These cute straps are very much in demand, grab yours before all of them are gone.

Here is the third volume of Kingdom Hearts Avatar figures. Instead of on the original characters such as Sora and Roxas, the spotlight will go to existing people such as the FF7 and the Disney casts.

Cloud is in his Advent Children get up and Mickey and Donald are distinctively different from their Disney designs in this chibi form.

Although all the figures have the same faces - dot eyes and line mouths, the details on the outfit and weapons are all carefully painted and sculpted. With a little plate on the chain, these straps are both sweet and classy. Attach them to your phones and show them off.

The set of Kingdom Hearts Avatar Straps are available now, we still have a few in our warehouse, come grab them before all are sold out:

Square Enix Kingdom Hearts Avatar Mascot Phone Strap Vol.3: AerithJPN N/Asold
Square Enix Kingdom Hearts Avatar Mascot Phone Strap Vol.3: Cloud (Advent Children Version)JPN N/Asold
Square Enix Kingdom Hearts Avatar Mascot Phone Strap Vol.3: DonaldJPN N/Asold
Square Enix Kingdom Hearts Avatar Mascot Phone Strap Vol.3: King (Mickey)JPN N/Asold
Square Enix Kingdom Hearts Avatar Mascot Phone Strap Vol.3 : TifaJPN N/Asold

Jack Skellington the pumpkin king has arrived to help us prepare for Halloween. Lanky and very flexible, the Revoltech figure is not only a stylish ornament, but a very fun toy. With 10 joints, you can bend Jack to all sorts of spidery shapes and change his expressions.

Adjust the pose of the pumpkin king to fit with his expressions: surprise, threatening, scheming and thoughtful, the package comes with three extra hand parts so you can re-create some of your favourite moments in the film.

The figure comes with a diorama base full of pumpkins and hang man trees, this is a toy no collector could miss:

SCI-FI Revoltech Series No.005 The Nightmare Before Christmas Pre-Painted Figure: Jack Skellington (Re-run)JPN N/Asold

Pixar is one of the most inventive 3D studios in the world. The humor in their stories and their expressive, large eyed characters have captured the hearts of children and adults worldwide. Come own a scene from your favourite show.

Brought to you by Square Enix, the set of Pixar Formation Arts trading figure series have all the props you need. Although all the pieces in the figure are beautifully painted in cheerful colors, the diorama figure is not assembled in the box. Just follow the instructions in the menu, it's a fun and easy task.

The newest volume contains sets in Toy Story 2, Cars, Ratatouille, Wall E and UP. Try your luck to see if you get your favourite show:

Disney Characters Formation Arts Non Scale Pre-Painted Trading Figure: Disney - PixarJPN N/Asold

The Second Child, Asuka is here in her new pilot suit. Perhaps to portray the adjustment to her character, the fiery red of the suit is tempered down with a bodice of soft yellow. Produced by Sakurasaka Miki, a veteran figure maker, Asuka's proportions are crafted completely loyal to her movie counterpart at a scale of 1/10.

Although this is more of a statue than an action figure, there is an H-type joint installed in her neck, so be sure to turn her head around to admire her expressions in different angles.

Admire her proportions with the statue and re-create her actions in the movie. The movie version Asuka is out as a Fraulein Revoltech figure, her package comes with all sorts of parts and iconic items such as the doll and her cell phone.

The joints in her limbs are even more flexible, and even better hidden in the folds of her clothes, so when you move her limbs, she wouldn't turn into a cranky robot.

Asuka's skin is a highlight of both figures, the new material is not completely opaque, so it brings out the transluscent quality of the girl's skin.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Rebuild of Evangelion 1/10 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Shikinami Asuka Langley Test Suit Ver. (Re-run)JPN N/Asold
Fraulein Revoltech Series No. 018 - Neon Genesis Evangelion 1/10 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Shikinami Asuka LangleyJPN N/Asold

Bright eyed, pastel hues and absolutely soft to the touch, the Doraemon Rainbow Petit plush straps have arrived once again.

Unlike the last set, the Doraemons are a size smaller and lighter, perfect for hanging on a phone or on other small electronic equipment. With seven different colors, one of them is bound to go well with the gadget.

The Doraemons have plush heads and bodies made of a piece of felt fabric, they are both funny to look at and wonderful as small gifts for children.

A new set of pastel colored Doraemon in pastel hues have arrived, take them home today:

Rainbow Doraemon Mascot: Blue DoraJPN N/Asold
Rainbow Doraemon Mascot: Green DoraJPN N/Asold
Rainbow Doraemon Mascot: Orange DoraJPN N/Asold
Rainbow Doraemon Mascot: Peach DoraJPN N/Asold
Rainbow Doraemon Mascot: Pink DoraJPN N/Asold
Rainbow Doraemon Mascot: Purple DoraJPN N/Asold
Rainbow Doraemon Mascot: Yellow DoraJPN N/Asold

From the publisher: The year is 2009. Hundreds of innocent passengers and crew are killed after a commercial airliner is shot down over Eastern Europe. The culprit?

A high-tech U.S. defense missile which had somehow fallen into the wrong hands. As government agent Michael Thorton, you have been chosen to find those responsible and bring them to justice.

Become the spy of your choosing in a modern-day conspiracy plot. As you progress, decide how to develop abilities such as devastating physical combat moves, customization of your weaponry, and the use of ingenious gadgets and traps.

Stay vigilant though – the cast of Alpha Protocol will react intelligently to your every move, resulting in the most exciting and unpredictable role-playing experience ever created.

Alpha Protocol has finally arrived, the US versions will come soon:

Alpha ProtocolUS US$ 17.991-2w
Alpha ProtocolASIA US$ 62.901-2w

Alpha ProtocolUS US$ 19.991-2w

PC Game
Alpha Protocol (DVD-ROM)US N/Asold

Game Guides and Books
Arcadia Magazine [July 2010]JPN N/Asold
Famitsu Xbox 360 [July 2010]JPN N/Asold
Weekly Famitsu No. 1119 (2010 06/10)JPN N/Asold


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