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Kingdom Hearts II Original Soundtrack

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1. Dearly Beloved2. Passion -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version3. Passion ~opening version~4. Lazy Afternoons5. Sinister Sundown6. The Escapade7. Dive into the Heart -Destati-8. Fragments of Sorrow9. Tension Rising10. Kairi11. Missing You12. The 13th Struggle13. Roxas14. Sora15. The Afternoon Streets16. Working Together17. Friends in My Heart18. Magical Mystery19. A Twinkle in the Sky20. Reviving Hollow Bastion21. Scherzo Di Notte22. Laughter and Merriment23. Desire for All That Is Lost24. Organization XIII25. Gearing Up26. Shipmeisters' Shanty27. Blast Off!28. Asteroids Attack29. Crossing the Finish Line30. Waltz of the Damned31. Dance of the Daring32. Hesitation33. Dance to the Death34. Beauty and the Beast35. The Home of Dragons36. Fields of Honor37. Apprehension38. Vim and Vigor39. Cloudchasers40. Olympus Coliseum41. The Underworld42. What Lies Beneath43. Villains of a Sort44. Rowdy Rumble45. Mickey Mouse Club March46. A Walk in Andante47. Monochrome Dreams48. Old Friends, Old Rivals49. Floating in Bliss50. Winnie the Pooh51. Bounce-O-Rama (Speed up ver.)52. Isn't It Lovely?53. Let's Sing and Dance!54. Swim This Way55. Part of Your World56. Under The Sea57. Ursula's Revenge58. A New Day is Dawning59. Nights of the Cursed60. He's a Pirate61. The Corrupted62. Hazardous Highway63. A Day in Agrabah64. Arabian Dream65. This is Halloween66. Spooks of Halloween Town67. Adventures in the Savannah68. Savannah Pride69. The Encounter70. Space Paranoids71. Byte Bashing72. Sinister Shadows73. The 13th Dilemma74. Showdown at Hollow Bastion75. One-Winged Angel76. Battleship Bravery77. Sacred Moon78. Deep Drive79. Riku80. Courage81. Disappeared82. A Fight to the Death83. Darkness of the Unknown84. Passion ~after the battle~85. Fantasia alla marcia for piano, chorus and orchestra86. Destiny Islands87. Hand in Hand88. Sunset Horizons89. Dearly Beloved -Reprise-


What would be a Square-Enix game without its stunning music? The Kingdom Hearts II Original Soundtrack is based on the PlayStation2™ hit Kingdom Hearts II (which predecessor sold more than 4.5 million copies worldwide).Just like in the previous work, Hikaru Utada has been in charge for the main theme "Passion". The song has been recorded in different versions, of which some differ from the previous single release. The Volcal Melody is only found on this soundtrack.The Kingdom Hearts II Original Soundtrack contains a total of 89 tracks on two discs.PS2ゲームソフト「KINGDOM HEARTS II」のサウンドトラックをリリース!●全世界で、450万本以上のセールスを記録した大ヒットPS2ゲームソフト「KINGDOM HEARTS」が続編をリリース!(ゲームソフト「KINGDOM HEARTS Ⅱ」:12/22発売予定。)●すでに「ドラゴンクエスト」、「ファイナルファンタジー」といったモンスターソフトに一気に登りつめた作品ゆえ、サウンドトラックもゴージャスなクオリティー。●前作に引き続き、宇多田ヒカルがテーマソングを担当!(テーマソング“Passion”:12/7発売 CD紙ジャケ仕様/12/14発売 CD+DVDピクチャーレーベル仕様)●当サウンドトラックには、テーマソング“Passion”を、シングル・ヴァージョンとは異なるヴァージョンで収録!このサウンドトラックでしか聞くことの出来ないヴォーカルメロディが存在します!

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this is great
wow No 1
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kingdom hearts
that game is so cool
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KH 2
So, yeah. What to say?
This is Kingdom Hearts 2, and it\'s distinct soundtrack follows the same pathway as Kingdom Hearts 1. Shimomura has done a great job retaining the original sound and flow from the first game, remixing well-known Disney-tunes and adding something original to the mix. Also, some music from the first game is re-introduced, bringing back memories of the first game. I like that. The songs are varied, but may seem repetive. (And many of them are)
No powerful FF-score here, but if you enjoyed the soundtrack of the first game, you\'ll like this too.
The ending theme is wonderful BTW!
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No title
id like this game i think its so mystery and the story i love it :-*
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kingdom hearts 2 cd
this cd is wicked my friend has it and im dying to get it!
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