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Knight's And Magic 10

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The latest issue of Knight's & Magic for the first time in about two years is a big success with a custom machine for honeymooners!

The stage of the 10th bullet is the vast land floating in the sky. Emris and Arkid, who were guided by rumors and came from an adventurous spirit. As soon as you reach it, you will be involved in a conflict. He appears in the flying land that deepens the turmoil. A blue blade in silver light. Ernesti Echebarria, the leader of the Knights of the Silver Feng during his honeymoon. The battle of the flying earth will become more active.In the sky, the flying dragon battleship, the strongest anti-aircraft battleship in history. A giant dragon, a giant demon beast that should have disappeared from the earth appears.

People and harpies, flying dragons and demons. In a fierce battle over the position of ruler of the earth, an unexpected connection appears in front of Ernesti."I didn't want to fight you if I could. Will I win or lose? A blue knight who is prepared to fly toward the conclusion of the battle!

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