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Koei Tecmo's Berserk Musou Adds Schierke and Serpico, Conviction Arc Confirmed

PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3, PS®Vita [Hack 'N Slash] Release: Sept 21, 2016

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Berserk Musou (Japanese) (PlayStation Vita, ASIA)  sold
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In this week's issue of Famitsu the magazine brings additional news on Berserk Musou's story as well as two brand new playable characters! Couple of other interesting bits in the article include special events triggered by certain decisions, weapon upgrades and the inclusion of the Conviction Arc. We translated the following material below for your viewing pleasure!

First of all, let's focus on our new playable characters; first up is Schierke (voiced by Saitou Chiwa) the student of the Witch "Flora" who resides at the Mansion of the Spirit Tree. Wielding a variety of magical attacks, she supports Guts as he cleaves his way through the enemy ranks. She has always been suspicious of humans, but after time she has become more understanding of them.

As a witch in training herself, Schierke has control over the elements of Water, Fire, Earth and Wind. Although her magical attacks have a wide area of effect as well as immense power, her major weak point is the time it takes to conjure her spells.

The second character is Serpico (voiced by Okitsu Kazuyuki) the narrow-eyed young man. As one of the most talented humans when it comes to battle, Serpico has sworn his complete allegiance to the nobleman's daughter Farnese.
With his Rapier at his side, Serpico easily defeats his enemies in a flurry of phantasmagoric strikes and puts himself as one of the most agile playable characters in the game.

Various scenes from the 2012-2013 animated movies will play out before each battle throughout Berserk Warriors.

What kind of events will play out after battle!?
Once you have cleared a battle, depending on how the battle went, a special event will begin. For example if in one battle you ignore Caskas orders you will initiate a scene after battle showcasing Caskas getting angry at Guts calling him a "Feral Dog". Various movie scenes or chat scenes will occur based on your actions in battle.

Guts Artificial Arm:
Besides Guts "Dragonslayer" Greatsword, he has various sub-weapons at his disposal. The former Band of the Hawk member and student under the Blacksmith Godo; Rickert will help improve your weapons if you bring him the right materials!

The game will feature the Conviction Arc with Mozgus.
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