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L2/R2 Button Grip Cover For PCH-2000/1000

L2/R2 Button Grip Cover For PCH-2000/1000

The highly rated JOETSU L2/R2 Button Grip Covers are back in stock now! Act fast while stocks last.
L2/R2 Button Grip Cover for PCH-2000 (Front and Back Touch Screen) (PlayStation®Vita Slim, JPN)US$ 25.99 24h

The feature of this new model grip cover is that L2 and R2 buttons corresponding to Touch Screen on both the front and back are added. The grip cover is intended to more comfortably activate features assigned to the front Touch Screen and back Touch Pad. The shape of the grip cover is hard to slip, gets to fit the hand and is excellent in operatability and fit feeling.
L2/R2 Button Grip Cover for PCH-1000 (Black) (PlayStation Vita, JPN)US$ 39.99 1w

With the PS Vita's recent 3.50 "Yukimura" firmware update, one of the most talked about features is the change to Remote Play and Share Play: games that support 60fps will now be also streamed at 60fps on the Vita!

And while this is exciting technically, there is still the issue that many Vita owners just can't get around, regardless of reason; there are still no L2/R2 buttons!

While some players have become adept at using the rear touch pad, and some games such as Destiny have custom mapping features in game for the sake of Remote Play, in general, if you can't get used to it, you just can't get used to it.

So, with all that, here is a brand new peripheral by Japanese manufacturer Joetsu Electronic Industries with an idea that literally changes the game. With their L2/R2 Button Grip Cover, by simply snapping it on your PS Vita, you'll be able to "touch" the rear pad by using a mechanism attached to respective L2/R2 triggers!

If that's the case, if you fail at setting upa stun attack in Bloodborne - you can't blame the game! Time for Remote Play!

Please note that this product is NOT a protective case for the PS Vita!

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L2/R2 Button Grip Cover for PCH-2000 (White) (PlayStation®Vita Slim, JPN)US$ 19.99 24h
L2/R2 Button Grip Cover for PCH-2000 (Black) (PlayStation®Vita Slim, JPN)US$ 29.99 1w


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