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Last Day!~Roaring Lucky Lunar New Year Sale reaching its GRAND FINALE! Nearly 5000 discounts and the chance to win cool prizes! Another 180 new restocks / further price slashes online now!!

Kung Hei Fat Choi! It's Lunar New Year again! Some of you may be wondering what this Lunar or Chinese New Year is about: The Traditional Chinese Calendar is based on Moon cycles and starts a few weeks after the western New Year. This festival is the most important, and joyoys time in Chinese societies. People buy new clothes, sweep their house and children get red pockets.

Every lunar year is represented by an animal. Last year, it was the ox that represents hard work, and this year is the year of the tiger, promising adventures and dynamic. These big cats are natural leaders, we certainly hope that they'll lead everybody to a happy and prosperous year.

To welcome the Tiger, Play-Asia.com will start into the New year with the Roaring Lucky Lunar New Year Sale, with thousands of brilliant bargains and a chance to win awesome prizes.

Look for the goodies left on your Christmas wish list, there's a good chance that they're now available at a lower price. We have carefully reviewed our inventory and the result is a total of around 5,000 in-stock items, we have around 2000 games, 200 console accessories, 400 toys, 200 books, 800 music CDs and around 1000 movies.

Today is the last day to grab your goodies at a super uber price and to win some fabulous prizes. As if things aren't great enough, we have slashed the prices of another 180 products. So scroll down and have a look at our highlights!

For more details on the bargain items, please take a look at our bargains section!

But this is not all! Like we've done with our sales in the past, you will again have the chance to win fantastic prizes such as consoles, games and store credits. So what are you waiting for?

And this is how it works:

Now Tiger will guide you to where the Sales and the Lucky Draw are. The cheerful big cat will stop by the bargained products between February 2nd and February 11th, snap up the goodies and there you go, entered into the Lucky Draw. The more you buy, the more you save and the higher your chances of winning our prizes.

The winners of the 30 main prizes will be announced in this news post during the last week of February 2010 and will also be notified by e-mail.

Yet, be aware. Some products are restocked regularly, so the tiger comes back time and time again, yet for limited versions, such as toys and music, once the tiger leaves (out of stock) he never returns. Set your priorities and plan your shopping strategies.


(*) The "game of your choice" is only valid for any game priced up to a maximum of US$ 70 per title. Winning choices may be limited to countries where shipping restrictions apply. Prizes cannot be redeemed as cash.

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Now, Tiger is calling! - Off you go to check out some roaring bargain highlights

We slashed prices for a large number of games and many of them are recent releases. Follow Ezio on his path to justice in Assassin's Creed 2. Study the art of battles in COD: Modern Warfare 2. The throne of the Dragon lord beckons you, delve into the fantasy world of Ego Dragonis and claim the power.

Look at the hardware as well, Hori Pro Fighting sticks' prices are slashed once more. Besides the stylish black & white ones, there are game themed ones such as Mushihime-sama and Tekken 6 versions. Shooting and fighting games should be played the arcade style, take the chance and remodel your living rooom into an arcade.

Batman: Arkham Asylum (Collector's Edition)US N/A sold
Brothers in Arms: Hell's HighwayASIA N/A sold
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2ASIA N/A sold
Divinity II - Ego DraconisASIA US$ 11.99 1-2w
HORI Fighting Stick EX2US N/A sold
HORI Real Arcade Pro Stick 3 (Tekken 6 Design)JPN N/A sold
Mushihimesama Futari Ver 1.5 Arcade StickJPN N/A sold
Tony Hawk: Ride (w/ Skateboard Bundle)ASIA N/A sold
World Soccer Winning Eleven 2010ASIA N/A sold

For the whole list, please check the full Xbox360™ Discount page

Even though only one person will win the FFXIII PlayStation 3 model, everybody could join Lightning and Odin on their adventures. Good news to the collectors, get both the game and the fight stick in Tekken 6 Collector's Edition. We also slashed prices for the PS3 version of COD: Modern Warfare 2.

Get up from the couch and do some excercises, the Tony Hawk: Ride Bundle Edition comes with a motion sensing skateboard. To encourate everyone to do more exercises, this package is slashed from US$ 69.00 to US$ 49.00. In the mood for more action? Good! King of Fighters XII just went from US$ 64.90 to US$ 49.90.

3D Dot Game HeroesASIA US$ 64.90 5-15d
Band Hero (Bundle)ASIA N/A sold
BayonettaJPN US$ 84.99 1-5d
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2US US$ 19.99 1-2w
Final Fantasy XIII (Japanese language Version)ASIA N/A sold
HORI Fighting Stick 3US N/A sold
HORI Real Arcade Pro Stick 3 (Tekken 6 Design)JPN N/A sold
Katamari ForeverASIA N/A sold
Killzone 2ASIA N/A sold
Rogue WarriorASIA N/A sold
SAWUS US$ 34.99 1-2w
Star Wars the Clone Wars: Republic HeroesASIA N/A sold
Tekken 6 [Collector's Edition]JPN N/A sold
The King of Fighters XIIJPN US$ 31.99 1w
Tony Hawk: Ride (w/ Skateboard Bundle)US US$ 51.90 1-2w

For the whole list, please check the full PlayStation3™ Discount page.

Once again, Konoha is under threat. Not only are hostile ninjas stirring up trouble, mysterious beasts such as rock dragons show up to wreak havoc. To prevent complete annilation, Naruto and his gang set off in search of the legendary dragon blade in Ryuujingi and ferret out the forces behind the attacks.

Nintendo Wii™
EA Sports Active: Personal Trainer Wii 30-Hi Seikatsu Kaizen ProgramJPN US$ 42.90 1-2w
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal BearersJPN US$ 31.99 1w
Monster Hunter 3 (e-capcom Limited Edition)JPN N/A sold
Monster Hunter 3 (w/ Classic Controller Pro White)JPN N/A sold
Naruto Shippuden: RyujinkiJPN US$ 23.99 1w
PokePark Wii: Pikachu no DaiboukenJPN N/A sold
Pop'n MusicJPN US$ 26.99 1w
Super Robot Taisen NEOJPN US$ 26.99 24h
Trauma Center: New BloodUS N/A sold
Your Shape (w/ Camera)US US$ 26.99 1-2w

For the whole list, please check the full Nintendo Wii™ Discount page.

Death Connection [Limited Edition]JPN N/A sold
Persona 4JPN N/A sold
Shin Megami Tensei: NocturneUS US$ 16.98 24h

For the whole list, please check the full PlayStation2™ Discount page.

Nintendo DS
Band Hero (Bundle)US US$ 22.99 1-2w
Bleach: The Blade of FateUS N/A sold
Disney Character Hard Pouch DSi (Minnie Pink)JPN N/A sold
Gyakuten Kenji Toujou - Taihokun Family Waruho-kun StrapJPN N/A sold
Hercules no Eikou: Tamashii no ShoumeiJPN US$ 14.99 1w
Mario Party DSUS N/A sold
SaGa 2: Hihou Densetsu - Goddess of Destiny DSi Accessory SetJPN US$ 24.90 1w
SaGa 2: Hihou Densetsu - Goddess of Destiny [SaGa 20th Anniversary Edition]JPN N/A sold
SupaRobo GakuenJPN US$ 15.99 1-5d
The Prince of Tennis: Doubles no Oji-Sama (Boys, Be Gracious!)JPN N/A sold
Tsuki BitJPN US$ 48.90 1w

For the whole list, please check the full Nintendo DS™ Discount page.

Engage in a few rounds of car racing. Gran Turismo, one of the most realistic and exciting racing games that debutted on the Sony PSP last year. Besides sports there are more action for you, throw a few punches in Naruto Accel 3 and fight giant mecha in Gundam VS Gundam.

Sony PSP™
God of War: Chains of Olympus (Greatest Hits)US US$ 22.99 1-2w
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown WarsUS N/A sold
Higurashi Daybreak Portable Mega EditionJPN N/A sold
Evangelion: JoJPN N/A sold
Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs. Gundam Next PlusASIA N/A sold
Naruto Shippuuden: Narutimate Accel 3ASIA N/A sold
PersonaASIA N/A sold
Resistance: RetributionASIA N/A sold
Soul Calibur: Broken DestinyASIA N/A sold
Winning Eleven 2010ASIA N/A sold

For the whole list, please check the full Sony PSP™ Discount page.

PC Games
Football Manager 2010ASIA N/A sold
Grand Theft Auto IV (DVD-ROM)ASIA N/A sold
Lord of the Rings: Conquest (DVD-ROM)ASIA N/A sold
Mini Ninjas (DVD-ROM)ASIA US$ 29.90 5-15d
Risen (DVD-ROM)ASIA N/A sold
Stranglehold (DVD-ROM)US N/A sold
Street Fighter IV (DVD-ROM)ASIA US$ 39.90 1-5d
Wolfenstein (DVD-ROM)ASIA N/A sold

For the whole list, please check the full PC Game™ Discount page.

Listen to your idols sing and watch their performances. Limited Editions often comes with a bonus DVD. Some of the MVs feature dances, other have a stories, others don't come with an MV, but goodies such as T-shirts and stickers. Browse around our music collection and spot for your idols' works.

Ayakashi [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Koichi Domoto)JPN US$ 1.99 24h
Bandage [CD+DVD Limited Editon] (~Lands)JPN N/A sold
Break The Records - By You & For You (~Kat-Tun)JPN US$ 28.90 5-15d
Candy Girl [Limited Edition Type B] (~Mika Nakashima)JPN US$ 23.90 5-15d
J Album [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Kinki Kids)JPN N/A sold
Tanabata Matsuri [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Tegomasu)JPN N/A sold

For the whole list, please check the full Music CD Discount page.

Accident <div class="ext ext_dts">dts</div> (~Louis Koo Tin Lok, Richie Jen Hsien Chi)HK US$ 13.90 1-5d
Ghost Whisperer [The Complete Second Season 6-Discs Boxset] (~Jennifer Love Hewitt, Aisha Tyler)HK US$ 59.90 1-5d
Invisible Target (~Nicholas Tse, Jaycee Chan, ...)HK US$ 31.90 1-5d
Kinki You DVD (~Kinki Kids)JPN US$ 85.90 5-15d
Poker King [Limited Edition] <div class="ext ext_dts">dts</div> (~Lau Ching Wan, Louis Koo Tin Lok, ...)HK N/A sold
The Proposal (~Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, ...)HK US$ 11.99 1-5d
Tohoshinki 3rd Live Tour 2008 - T - [2DVD] (~Dong Bang Shin Ki)HK N/A sold
Watchmen [2-Discs Steel Box Limited Edition] (~Jackie Earle Haley, Patrick Wilson, ...)HK N/A sold

For the whole list, please check the full Movie DVD Discount page.


Please remember that all discount offers are only valid as long as supplies last. To ensure that your items are not sold out prior to dispatch, we recommend you pay by credit card or PayPal and avoid combining discounts with any preorder items. Orders that cannot be filled due to possible unavailability will be cancelled.


Play-Asia.com reserves the right to end or modify the Roaring Lucky Lunar New Years Sale including its prizes at any time and without prior notice. The "game of your choice" is only valid for any standard version game priced up to a maximum of US$ 70 per title. Where shipping restrictions apply, your choices may be limited. Prizes cannot be redeemed as cash. The first four main prizes include courier-shipping costs to the winner's destination, other product prizes include free airmail shipping. The winner might be liable for possible VAT or customs charges upon receipt. In case of any dispute, the final decision shall be made by Play-Asia.com.


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