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Learn how to win! Tekken 5 Official Strategy Guide Limited Edition by Future Press now on preorder

The world's best Tekken players have imparted their extensive knowledge. Learn how to play Tekken 5 more effectively. Learn how to win.

Through the years, the Tekken series has evolved to bring forth some of the best and most competitive fighting games ever. Until now, there have been no clear and detailed guides to help players of all levels improve on a competitive basis with their chosen characters. This is all set to change with this strategy guide. Tekken 5 elite players impart their extensive knowledge of the game system, strategies and techniques to help you learn to play Tekken 5 more skillfully against your friends and family.

Welcome to your first steps as an expert!

Chapter 1 Basics introduces all game modes and explains ranking, the roulette system and fight money. You will also find useful hints and recommendations on Controllers and Joysticks.

Chapter 2 Enter the Tekken gives beginners sound instructions on training methods to improve their game. Basic knowledge is explained in a comprehensible manner – from selecting your character to applying advanced Okizeme.

Chapter 3 The Game System examines the complex game mechanics of Tekken 5. Only those who know the rules can stretch them to their benefit. Learn all about correct movement, attack, defence and frame data.

Chapter 4 In Characters, the world’s best players reveal their tried and trusted strategies, give valuable hints and analyse the strengths and weaknesses of each character. The comprehensive Move Tables include the input, hit level, damage and complete frame data of all of the 3,800 attacks listed! Use this information to work out which moves are effective follow-ups to other moves and which ones can punish an unsafe attack when blocked.

Chapter 5 All about Tekken: Devil Within. The mini game yields Customize Items worth 20 million Gold! Comprehensive maps ensure that you find every single one of them.

With the The Tekken 5 Official Strategy Guide Limited Edition - published by Future Press - you will turn into a Tekken 5 expert. The guide contains Complete Frame Data charts for every character and all moves, tips and tricks on 388 pages (format: 210 x 280 mm).

Preorder the Tekken 5 Official Strategy Guide Limited Edition now:

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