Lemons Must Die STEAM digital

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Lemons Must Die
Lemons Must Die
Lemons Must Die
Lemons Must Die
Lemons Must Die

Product Features

  • No saves in the game, to beat the final boss you have to do so starting each session at level 1
  • Pick up seeds to use as ammunition to spit at enemies
  • Power ups such as lemon cake heal you and Hot Sauce makes you run fast
  • Unfolding story across 12 animated chapters
  • Kill monsters for their juice, before your own runs out
  • Final Boss
  • Traps and power-ups to challenge your survival
  • 12 levels and more than 10 monsters types, each with their unique attack styles

Item Description

John Lemon falls into a strange world full of monster lemons while chasing after the ghost of his beloved Liz Lemon. The pressure is on as you leak juice, your life force draining out. Run and jump through levels, exploding enemies on the way, using their juice as your life force.

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