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Let's Get Kraken: Splatoon - The 3rd Person Shooter for the Inking Man!

Let's get kraken with Nintendo's upcoming third person squirter!
And like all of Ninty's titles, there's a lot more to Splatoon than you ink! 


Nintendo WiiU™ [Third Person Shooter] Release: (US/EU) - May 29 (JPN) - May 28

Splatter + Platoon = Splatoon: a game bursting with as much colorful charm as action! A WiiU exclusive, this brand new franchise aims to bring about a quirky online multiplayer experience with that signature Nintendo polish!

Primarily focused on the online aspect - a first for Nintendo - this third person shooter playable with up to 8 players in 4v4 matches sees each player controlling the Inklings - characters who can transform between squid and human forms.

Both forms have both style and substance; humans must shoot ink to cover territory and squids use powers inspired by this noble creature. From swimming through the ink of their own across the playing field, hiding within the ink via camoflauge, and replenishing the ink supply used via human form, gameplay tactics will depend on a player's ability to quickly adapt to the colorful chaos in each playing session.

More importantly, ink is also used as a weapon; by splattering oppenents with ink, this will send them back to a respawn point as well as created a large splat of ink adding additional control of the field!

So far, two multiplayer modes have been confirmed: Splat Zones and Turf War. In the former, players are contested with a king of the hill battle where those who cover an area with the most paint for a certain amount of time will win. In Turf War, both teams fight to cover as much paint as possible before time expires - this nonstop give and take of hectic area coverage with all the powers mentioned previously combines action with inking!

Not just limited to a primary ink gun, secondary weapons such as ink grenades, ink curtains, ink sprinklers and temporary special powered weapons like shields, ink tornado launchers, and a paint rocket that literally rains paint are intended to cover each battle with a fresh coat of gameplay. As well, with special outfits, character stats will change accordingly, such as movement speed and other stats!

Other modes include a single player mode with an emphasis on platforming and puzzle solving, but this is intended as a tutorial before the main event. As well, local mulitplayer is done where one player is on the TV while the other is on the WiiU's gamepad screen. And like all of Nintendo's new titles, expect support with the Splatoon series amiibo which will open up special missions for extra equipment upon completion. 

Splatoon get's kraken on May 29th for the US/EU and the 28th for Japan!

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