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Light up in blue flames: Okumura Rin, Hunter x Hunter Hisoka, One Piece Stuffed Collection: Chopper Film Z ver., Waiting in the Summer Takatsuki Ichika & more!

The blue flame is burning brighter than ever. The Ao no Exorcist anime series has ended, but his popularity is not going to wane. He becomes the next cool guy to enter Mega House's G.E.M line. The sculptor captures his fearless, almost cocky attitude, and the eerie glow from the fire that sprout from his head and tail.

He is sculpted loyally according to his manga and anime counterparts. His messy school uniform brings out his slender shape. The package comes with both his demon head part and his human head part. He maintains his rash personality through his transformations, however, his demon mode looks more dangerous and feral, more ready to snap.

Light up the blue flames:

GEM Series Ao No Exorcist 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Rin OkumuraJPN N/Asold

Clowns have their way of calling forth fears from people. And if you have claurophobia, this is the time to look away. Because Hisoka is here, and nobody knows what kind of carnage he is capable of, and when he feels like wrecking havoc to anybody.

When he smiles at you and say "Don't look at me like this, you're getting me excited", it's time to arm yourself.

His figure comes with two hairdoes. It's surprising how different he looks when his hair is standing up like flames from a fire, and when they hang down over his forehead. The newest Hunter Hunter movie will be showing in January 2013, let this clown entertain you in the most dangerous way as you wait for the showing.

Hisoka is going to be your clown:

GEM Series Hunter X Hunter 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: HisokaJPN N/Asold

There is nothing like a bit of milk in the morning and a bit of milk at night. Chopper is bringing you the beverage, on his neck, a bit like a Saint Bernard. When he dressed up in this cow outfit in the One Piece Film Z, he drew out the laughter and the cheer, and collectors have been wanting to own him.

If you need extra aid besides the milk, Chopper has it. The first aid kit is packed into his back pack so he can patch up all the little scrapes. The plush doll makers have installed the frame of an action figure inside the plush, so collectors can bend Chopper into all sorts of funny poses.

Add Chopper into your farm today:

One Piece Stuffed Collection Plush Doll: Tony Tony Chopper Z EditionJPN N/Asold

Wait for the summer with Ichika. She retains the hotness from the summer sun. The alien girl crash lands in your display case with her pet Rinon, but that doesn't seem to trouble her at all. Running toward you, this slightly clueless girl inadvertently flaunts her hourglass figure.

The dark colored bikini brings out her ripe body, and the classy cutting of the top make her curves seem even more explosive. Her pet Rinon is being very naughty, with a chord on her bikini bottom in his mouth, he pulls, and unravels the knot.

Waiting in the Summer 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Takatsuki Ichika Kotobukiya Ver.JPN N/Asold

Also available today:


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