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Limitless Space and limitless fun - Infinite Space / Mugen Kouro, NGE Koutetsu no Girlfriend 2nd, Onore no Shinzuru Michi wo Yuke & more!

Infinite Space, a role playing game exclusively for the Nintendo DS™ portable handheld system, takes place in outer space and gives players the ability to control, build, outfit and customize more than 150 spaceships.

Infinite Space stretches the DS hardware to the limit, offering over 200 characters and the ability to control multiple spaceships at any one time.

The space is truly limitless, embark upon a journey with Yuri, a fledgeling explorer who is in search of the meaning behind the twin universes and his own existence.

Unlike other teen targeted games on Nintendo DS, Mugen Kourou has an epic storyline with more than 200 impressive characters that will also appeal to adults. The ship you fly is fully customizable, collect gadgets during your adventures and assemble your own fleet.

Mugen Kourou is available as a Japanese version on Nintendo DS™:

Infinite Space / Mugen KouroJPN US$ 59.99 1-5d

The localized US version will be coming in March 2010, preorder your copy now:

Infinite SpaceUS N/A sold

The OST is coming in 23rd July, preorder it for:

Infinite Space / Mugen Kouro Original SoundtrackJPN N/A sold

Do you remember the last episode in the Evangelion TV series? Where the anime staff presented you with a new world?

An environment more like that of a romantic comedy where Shinji plays the clueless hero, Misato as his sisterly caretaker, Asuka as his childhood friend, Rei as the new girl in school and Kaworu as the resident bishounen?

Now you can live this lighter Evagelion adventure through your PSP in Koutetsu no Girlfriend 2. Find out how different Shinji's life could be in this brighter world.

The Limited Edition of the game carries a commuter pass case that features Asuka and a strap key chain that features Rei.

The second installment of the Koutetsu no Girlfriend is available at Play-Asia.com:

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Koutetsu no Girlfriend 2nd PortableJPN N/A sold
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Koutetsu no Girlfriend 2nd Portable [Limited Edition]JPN N/A sold

The first Koutetsu no Girlfriend game is still available at Play-Asia.com

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Koutetsu no Girlfriend Tokubetsu-Hen PortableJPN N/A sold

Ore Ike is an adrenaline pumping adventure that combines traditional Japanese style paintings with cute characters.

Your goal, as a ninja is to clear the stage within one minute in a maze where enemies and fearsome creatures dwell.

Besides action, this game is about strategy as well, every level in the maze is a puzzle, find the exit and make sure you can pass through it before it disappears on you.

You have a lot of tricks up your sleeve, not only are you deadly in combat, but you can create a shadow split. This is a technique you have to rely on in dire situations against giant monsters and during puzzle solving.

You are not alone in this either, make use of the game's wi-fi facility and call up all your ninja friends to adventure with you.

The Ninja adventure is available for:

Onore no Shinzuru Michi wo YukeJPN US$ 35.99 1-5d

Also available today:

Nintendo DS™
Majo ni NaruJPN US$ 32.99 1w


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