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LocoRoco VS. Patapon

LocoRoco VS. Patapon
PlayStation 4™ | Expected to ship 21 September 2017 - PRE-ORDER NOW!

If you are looking for to be charmed by your PlayStation 4, you came to the right spot! Because now you have the choice between two of the most adorable PSP-games, now available for PS4. But which one to choose?

Less is more’ thought the developers and relied on simple but ingenious ideas. LocoRoco for example combines the classical genre of platformers with new and creative approaches. The story is simple: to save your fellow LocoRoco, charming marble-like creatures, from the invading Moja Troop you have to solve multiple levels full of puzzles and other hurdles. Playing this game is like biting into a cupcake: sweet, joyful and something you can’t get enough of.
Patapon on the other hand is a rhythm game with a twist! You take on the role of the Patapons’ deity who has to lead the lovely little warriors in a war against the malicious Zigoton Empire under their Queen Kharma. Due to the more elaborate plot and unique ideas in this game, this round goes to Patapon!
LocoRoco 0 : 1 Patapon

Both games are in a two-dimensional cartoon style. Whilst Patapon’s design is minimalistic but elegant with clear shapes and bleak colors, LocoRoco is the total opposite. With its colorful environment, fantastic world and adorable characters it looks like a rainbow from the inside. This onslaught of kawaii can’t even be beaten by Patapon – so congratulations for LocoRoco, you win this point!
LocoRoco 1 : 1 Patapon

One thing both games are famous for is their catchy tunes. Patapon – as can be expected – relies on rackety rhythms. The music recalls folklore or tribal music. Frankly, it’s impossible to keep one’s feet still!
LocoRoco’s soundtrack is as cute at its design. Possibly because all the songs are in a fictitious language the developers invented! And the more LocoRoco you collect, the more the music gains in voices and volume. Due to this awesome features, this round goes to LocoRoco again.
LocoRoco 2 : 1 Patapon

In LocoRoco, you control the action by tilting the environment. So you sort of steer the planet, not the characters! Your LocoRoco will grow as you collect berries and might get too big for some tasks. But don’t worry: you can split your heap of berryboys into single parts any time you want. Ingenious!
As a classical rhythm game, Patapon is quite simple to control: press the right button at the right time, including combos. In addition, you can arm them with loot, recruit new warriors and win the boss fights via clever tactics. As it offers a more challenging gameplay and diversity, Patapon wins this round.
LocoRoco 2 : 2 Patapon

Looks like a draw, as both are just adorable and captivating. Thankfully LocoRoco is already in stock and is ready to be shipped within 24h. Patapon will be available in just a few days but if you pre-order now, you will be pata-pata-pata-ponging on September 21st! And now please excuse me, I have to save my planet from some bad Mojas.

LocoRoco (PlayStation 4™, JPN)US$ 19.99 24h
LocoRoco (English & Chinese Subs) (PlayStation 4™, ASIA)US$ 24.99 wait
Patapon (English) (PlayStation 4™, ASIA)US$ 19.99 24h

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