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Lonely for Valentine's Day? Koishi hearts you!

Release: June 2016 | Manufacturer: Good Smile Company

Continuing the line of Nendoroids from the popular game series Touhou Project, toy manufacturer Good Smile Company decided to feature Koishi Komeiji!

Entering your direct field of vision, Koishi flies towards you in a Nendoroid form! Although Koishi tried to kill you when you first encountered her, you just couldn't hold a grudge against her when she kept raining hearts (of death) upon you. Unfortunately, Koishi cannot be loved since she has closed her Third Eye. She can't even be remembered after she has left your vision.

It's a tragic tale, but Koishi just wishes to be loved. Before you forget her, won't you take her home and cherish her?
Nendoroid No. 604 Touhou Project: Koishi Komeiji (JPN)  sold

Koishi-chan's ultimate wish is to meet people, maybe you should consider giving her a few friends?
Nendoroid No. 092 Touhou Project: Marisa Kirisame (JPN)sold
Nendoroid No. 105 Touhou Project: Izayoi Sakuya (JPN)sold
Nendoroid No. 103 Touhou Project: Sanae Kochiya (JPN)sold
Nendoroid No. 115 Touhou Project: Remilia Scarlet (JPN)sold

Nendoroid No. 136 Touhou Project: Flandre Scarlet (JPN)sold
Nendoroid No. 141 Touhou Project: Konpaku Youmu (JPN)sold
Nendoroid No. 148 Touhou Project: Yuyuko Saigyouji (JPN)sold
Nendoroid No. 074 Touhou Project: Reimu Hakurei (JPN)sold

Nendoroid No. 167 Touhou Project: Cirno (JPN)sold
Nendoroid No. 521 Touhou Project: Patchouli Knowledge (JPN)sold
Nendoroid No. 362 Touhou Project: Aya Shameimaru (JPN)sold
Nendoroid No. 305 Touhou Project: Fujiwara no Mokou (JPN)sold

Nendoroid No. 275 Touhou Project: Alice Margatroid (JPN)sold

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