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Sequel to Lost Heroes for the PSP and 3DS (2012), Lost Heroes 2 brings back SD Crossover Dungeon Crawling! 

LOST HEROES 2 (Regular and Premium Edition)

Nintendo 3DS (LL, N3DS) [First Person Dungeon Crawl RPG] Release: February 5, 2015

Lost Heroes 2 is a "dramatic hero dungeon RPG" featuring famous iconic heroes from the Kamen Rider, Ultraman, and Gundam series in SD form. Recently announced on Nintendo Direct, further details have been revealed with great news for fans of any of these series!

Taking place in 3D isometric dungeons similar to Etrian Odyssey and the recent Demon Gaze, players will create their dream team party of 4 as they traverse through challenging mazes laden with deadly environments; what motivates the heroes on their mission is a new crisis involving mysterious and powerful objects known as the "Fragment of Regis."

A new battle mechanic is now introduced called the "Rush System," a limit break type of attack that uses a "Hero Rush"; timing is paramount when using this attack. As well, compared to Lost Heroes, there are more attack affinities and weakness all across the board, giving each battle more strategic depth.

With new characters, Kamen Rider Wizard, Unicorn Gundam, and Ultraman Ginga enter the fray - these are the confirmed ones so far, but there will be more announced as the game gets closer to release date. It's worth mentioning that each character, regardless of series, will have new voice acting as well as additional cut scenes to keep the pace going.

In terms of the Premium Edition - and this is where things get really interesting - there is a lot bundled with the game! 

This heroic Premium Edition will include:

  • A Port of the Super Famicom Classic: Hero Senki: Project Olympus - accessible right from the title screen
  • A Lost Heroes series 300-page art book
  • 20 special theme songs for the respective hero to be played in game during a Hero Technique

Even better news, both versions will have a DLC-Code for an updated version of Lost Heroes!

Lost Heroes 2Nintendo 3DSJPN sold
Lost Heroes 2 [Premium Edition]Nintendo 3DSJPN sold

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