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Love, an open world, and photography in Natsuiro High School for PS3/4!


PlayStation®3 PlayStation®4 [Open World Love-Adventure]

Introducing D3 Publisher's open world love-adventure and photography game! As you arrive on the island of Yumegashima for your three month stint at Natsuiro High School you'll join a full cast of characters, including the all-female journalism club that have enlisted you as their new photographer!

Players can freely explore their new island home by choosing between over 150 quests to carry out, interacting with the 300 inhabitants, fishing for strange items, and of course taking pictures of whatever, or whomever, inspires you!

Throughout the game players will see characters with an exclamation mark over their head, which indicates that players will have to make a decision when talking with them. This will often mean, but is not limited to, choosing whether or not to accompany a girl from the journalism club as their photographer. Visiting the correct locations could mean changing the outing from work-related to a date!

The protagonist doesn't always have the best of intentions when he is behind the camera, and as a result the subject matter is as lewd as you want to be; from panty shots to those of scenic vistas and everything in-between. You'll have to watch your back though as there is:

A whole list of activities that could put the police, or your school counselor, hot on your trail:

  • Intentionally bumping into other people with no reason.
  • Lying on the ground either face up or down and obstructing other people from going about their business.
  • Trying to enter locations where men are off limits.
  • Brushing up against people while bicycling.
  • Riding a bicycle inside a building without permission.
  • Trying to take photos from low angles without permission.

If you are caught doing any of the above your 'Suspicious Person Gauge' will fill, repeat offenses or a higher number of witnesses will cause it to fill even further. If this happens outside of school the police will persue you, which will trigger 'Escape Mode'. The player's reputation will also impact how quickly things can get out of hand.

In order to get the best shots players will want to enter 'Accelerated Action Mode' by jumping or sliding with their camera already out or in the process of being taken out, which will cause the game to enter slow motion. 

When the day is over players will return to their house. While at home players can check and reply to their email (you'll need to reply within the same day) with their smartphone as well as save and organize their photos. Any of the 100 daily photos you took that aren't save will be deleted.

First-print copies Natsuiro High School: Seishun Hakusho will include a 'Mini Bikini Golden Ball' set of costumes.

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