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Love. Revolution - with Takizawa Hideaki, Going all out in Dragon Ball: Infinite World (OST), Stars and music in the labyrinth - Tales of the Abyss (image songs), nine to nineteen - Marvelous Melmo figure set!

As one of Johnny's boys, Takizawa Hideaki's ability to dance and sing is guaranteed along with his good looks. Joining forces with one of Johnny's four kings of dances, Imai Tsubasa, the duo has released quite a number of theme songs for popular animes and dramas such as Inuyasha's One Day One Dream and Osen's Koiuta.

However, Takizawa is better know for his acting than his songs. Starring in main roles in pivotal dramas such as Yoshitsune and Taiyo no Kisetsu, the singer/actor proves that he can wield a sword and be a romantic hero at the same time.

Ai Kakumei is the theme song of the Takizawa's stage production "New Year - Takizawa Revolution" which is based on the love between the genders. Feel the love in the air and direct your's at the talented artist. The DVD that comes with the package contains a music video clip that shows you the full charm of the singer.

Takizawa Hideaki's Ai Kakumei is available for:

Ai Kakumei [Jacket C] (~Hideaki Takizawa)JPN US$ 9.90 5-15d
Ai Kakumei [CD+DVD Limited Edition Jacket B] (~Hideaki Takizawa)JPN US$ 15.90 5-15d
Ai Kakumei [CD+DVD Jacket A] (~Hideaki Takizawa)JPN US$ 15.90 5-15d

While the CD+DVD versions have arrived, the single version is on its way.

As the last game under the Dragon Ball franchise to come out on the PlayStation 2, the developers went all out, from enhancing the system to upgrading the graphics, they pushes the limits of the last generation console and spared no efforts to make this grand finale a sky of dazzling fireworks.

With a more exciting fighting system and rounds of blows, this original soundrack provides some energizing tracks that can wake you up in the morning and restore a fighting spirit in you.

Dragon Ball: Infinite World Original Soundtrack is availalble for US$ 31.90 only.

Tales of the Abyss, the fantasy RPG that spots beautiful character designs, pop and cool theme songs and a touching story.

Borrowing heavily in musical elements, this game recieves a great number of song contributions from pop artists.

From Shimotsuki Haruka's unit Kukui, Ceui who is known for Kamigami no Uta for Ragnarok Online, Yuuki Aira and the heroine, Tear's seiyuu Yukana, this CD has collected a large portion of the game's most popular vocals. Now you don't have to hunt for tracks from the large arrays of CDs for its all compiled into one for your ear's pleasure.

Tales of the Abyss Image Album is available for US$ 28.90 only.

Fushigi na Melmo or Marvelous Melmo is one of the shojo manga drawn by the quintessential manga artist Tesuka Osamu who contributed greatly and changed the history of Japanese popular culture.

With a magical theme such as growing up into a young woman instantly by eating a piece of candyor turning into an animal by eating another, this series actuall sex education for children.

The Tezuka x Yoshizaki series is pioneered by this twin figure set by Kobayashi Makoto. One of the figures features Melmo at her actual age of nine years old, the other features her young woman form.

To keep the magical series real, Tezuka designed that the clothes memo wears does not grow with her during her transformation, so the young woman form of Melmo wears a blouse and skirt which seemed too tight or short on her.

Two forms of Tezuka's lovely heroine Melmo in one package, the figure set is available for US$ 64.90 only.

Signum, the stoic and charismatic leader of the Wolkenritter is landing from a battle jump. The red head from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Striker S is a magical creation and a seemingly emotionless knight. With her flame sword Laevatein raised, she shows her solemn leadership attributes and her fierceness in battle.

Her sculptor Tanaka Toushi is bringing out her agility by balancing the weight of her figure on one foot. Every part of her character is sculpted in detail, including every tendril of her pink hair. Aside from fierceness, her maker is also seeking to depict her noble dignity through her flowing skirts and ribbons.

Signum has arrived today and available as for US$ 99.90 only.


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