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Mahjong Girls and Super hero - Kataoka Yuki from Saki, Rei + Asuka from NGE, Super Deformed Rei, Batman, Super Mario Straps

Kataoka Yuki is one of the most loveable characters from the mahjong game - Saki. The happy go lucky girl grinned widely with her sharp little canines showing. Akitagawa Noboru brings out the liveliness of the girl through her posture.

Yuki holds her arms out like an aeroplane and skips. Her accessories like the cat doll on her waist and her paper bag of pastries are included in the package.

Cheerful and very energetic, Kataoka Yuki is one shiny item that you cannot miss. Take her home and let her skip on your shelf:

Saki 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Kataoka YukiJPN N/Asold

Part of the Sega's Prize series, Rei and Asuka are scaled figures that are perfect for novice collectors. Accurately crafted and beautifully painted, the two girls model the new plugsuits they wear in the You Can (not) Advance movie. Turning to you with a ghost of a smile on her lips, Rei is a mystery waiting to be solved.

Asuka's new plugsuit includes an orange bodice and extension to her nerve clips. The girl shows her slender body lines and the wires installed in her suit. Asuka is revealing to you a facet of her that she hides. Without the confident smile, the figure hints at the tragic events that may happen to her in the movies.

The Sega Prize Rei and Asuka are great for people looking for lower priced, but high quality figures:

Neon Genesis Evangelion New Movie Version Vol. 2 Pre-Painted Premium Figure: AsukaJPN N/Asold
Neon Genesis Evangelion New Movie Version Vol. 2 Pre-Painted Premium Figure: ReiJPN N/Asold

The plug suit version of Rei is the first to come from the Deformation Deluxe series. Collectors who have played with the Deformania mini figure collection should already know how round, and softly painted the figures in this series are.

The figures in this new Deluxe series are all sculpted in bigger sizes, so you can better admire the light in the girl's eyes and the details in her plug suit.

The first Deformation Deluxe figure is available today, take her home for:

Neon Genesis Evangelion Deformania Collection DX Pre-Painted Mini Figure: Ayanami ReiJPN N/Asold

Batman once again whips up the Dark Knight Craze. One of DC Comic's best known heroes, Batman fights crime in the glamorous, but villain-infested Gotham City. Sculpted by the figure makers in the Chara Hiroba studio, this Batman is ready to take down all who endangers the city through his fists.

The figure is made in incredible detail, from the netting of the suit to the metallic belt. The sculptor brings out the danger of the situation through the super-hero's expressions and the whirling cape behind him.

Powerful and dynamic, the Batman figure is available for:

Dark Knight Batman Non Scale Pre-Painted Real Figure: BatmanJPN N/Asold

Mario isn't only here to keep you entertained, it's here to help maintain your health. These straps come with a bottle of Suntory's energizing drink. Rich with calcium, magnesium and potassium, this bottle will help replenish the nutrients that you lost when you do everyday tasks.

The eight Mario figures that you could get are Mario, Yoshi, golden mushroom, bullet, blue mushroom, Kooper Junior, Penguin Luigi and the man eating flower. Lots of outfits, lots of fun, be prepared to take your strap home.

The drink and the straps have arrived, take them home today for:

Super Mario Bros. Wii Strap Drink PotionJPN N/Asold


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