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Majo to Hyakkihei Revival: The Witch And The English Voices and Text!

This just in: The Japanese and Asian Versions of Maho To Hyakkihei Revivial
(The Witch And The Hundred Knight) has English Voices and Text! 

If you want to be sure, check out the demo (available now on the Japanese PSN!)


PlayStation®4 [Action RPG] [Single Player] Release: Japan - September 25th, 2015 - Now Shipping!

An enhanced port edition of Nippon Ichi's foray into the Action RPG genre highly influence by top down isometric titles like Diablo II, Maho To Hyakkihei was originally met with mixed reviews. While the game was lauded for the immensely likeable environment, original music, and memorable cast, notably the witch Metallia and her unforgettable dark persona, reviews for Maho To Hyakkihei suffered due to a game breaking glitch that would delete entire save files.

For those who braved through the many dungeons bravely facing a gamer's worst fear, they were highly rewarded, as they found a game that showed a unique premise, and with this new version exclusively for the PlayStation 4, people can give Maho To Hyakkihei Revival, aka The Witch And The Hundred Knight Revivial - the fair shot it deserves; hopefully this definitive version is the perfect version.

For those new to Maho To Hyakkihei, the story begins in a little forest where an evil forest witch has been in a 100 year deadlock with the genius heroine Metallia, a devilish swamp witch. Neither has been able to win against the other, but upon the discover of a magic script, Metaliia is able to turn the tables by summoning the Hundred Knight, a warrior of legend. Under the behest of his mistress, the Hundred Knight will help Metallia with her goal: the expansion of her domain - but always on his mind are the motives of his mistress - why is Metallia in conflict with other witches? How does she survive in a swamp notorious for it's poisonous and caustic nature? Is Metallia really a witch to respect, or is she one to fear?

Considered to be the first title of Nippon Ichi's roster to be rendered in 3D, gameplay consists of recurring stages where the player controls the Hundred Knight. If particular side-quests are fulfilled, and game universe will expand to an explorable open world. Battle is presented via a top-down view with hack-and-slash elements, with an accessible RPG and equipment system, reminiscent of other Nippon Ichi titles.

For veterans though, the biggest feature is that Metallia is a playable character which addresses a major demand that those who played the previous version had. For the PS4 version, one can also expect the visual sheen that comes with the enhanced port, especially the 60pfs and 1080p resolution, bringing Nippon Ichi's wonderful art style to life!

The First Print Japanese Version will contain a code for Metallia's Sword to be used in the game, and once again, both Japanese and Asian versions have English Voices and Text!

For the Japanese exclusive Limited Edition, each set will have a Physical Copy of Maho To Hyakkihei Revival, the aforementioned Sword Code, a special custom book cover and display box, and an art book which contains special secrets regarding Maho To Hyakkei 2!

Majo to Hyakkihei RevivalPlayStation 4™JPN US$ 84.991w
Majo to Hyakkihei Revival (Japanese & English)PlayStation 4™ASIA sold
Majo to Hyakkihei Revival [Limited Edition]PlayStation 4™JPN sold

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